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Telegram Clocks 70 Mn Users in just one day after Facebook Outage – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology……


Telegram claims that over 70 Mn new users signed up to its platform during Facebook outage

Messaging app Telegram claims that over 70 Mn unique users signed up to its platform during Facebook’s massive outage on Monday. This was revealed by Telegram’s owner Pavel Durov. Durov also disclosed that onboarding of 70 MN on a single day did not majorly effect its services though it services witnessed minor rippling effect. Telegram managed to capitalize on Monday’s outage because the massive outage also affected the services of WhatsApp, the rival of Telegram. (Click here).


Mark Zuckerberg refutes Whistleblower’s controversial claim about Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg at Congress
Image Credits: Flickr Steven Stern

Mark Zuckerberg has come out with a lengthy blog as a part of its much awaited reply to series of controversial claims and statements that have become a talking point across the American media. At the heart of these controversial claims is a whistleblower, who is an ex-Facebook employer. Refuting whistleblower’s claim, Zuckerberg said that these claim don’t make any sense especially given that Facebook has already spent millions on creating infrastructure and protocol to cope with harmful content. (Click here)   


Google launches handy features to reduce carbon footprints

Google has come out with suit of handy feature that should hopefully help in reducing the carbon emission across the world. These suit of features will be available across Google services like Google Map, Google Travel and Google Nest. To give a small example, Google Map will show more routes that are more carbon efficient and Google Search will show more high quality information about Climate Change. (Click here).  


Youtube has just dropped a famous R&B singer’s Youtube channel (here’s why)

Youtube has said that it has just removed R&B singer R Kelly’s channels from its video platform. This blanket ban comes after a federal jury in September convicted R Kelly in sex trafficking scam. Youtube said that R Kelly’s channels RKellyTV and RKellyVevo have been duly removed from its streaming channel. The streaming channel also said that R Kelly won’t be able to create and own any channel (click here)


Twitter is shutting down Scroll – its ad free web service

Twitter is putting curtain down of Scroll,  an independent entity that offered ad free web services to its users. The micro blogging giant will close the services in next thirty days and will merge it with Twitter Blue. Scroll basically allowed users to read as well as consume website portals without irritant ads. (click here).  

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