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America’s renowned Start-up incubator Techstars to start Operation in India

Globally renowned startup incubator network Techstars is all set to launch its operations in India through a joint venture programee. The Colorado based incubator network has forged a joint venture with Bengaluru-headquartered ANSR Consulting. Through this venture, Techstars aims to tap into India’s fast growing startup eco system and deepen the entrepreneurial spirit in the country.

The incubator network plans to start incubator centers across India, with the first incubator set to come up in Bengaluru early next year. The company also aims to tap into India’s startup talent through its globally recognized accelerator programmes. Apparently, several big companies like Walt Disney, Amazon, Bosch and Barclays have tied up with Techstar’s accelerator programmes.

Through these accelerator programmes, Techstars is currently helping more than 1,000 startups across the world in scaling them to a sustainable business model.  These companies have collectively accumulated more than $3.8 billion capital through funding and boost a market capitalization of whopping $9.9 billion.

Famous startup incubator network Techstars is all set for India debut.

Techstars obviously does not offer all this help for free. Like all other incubator company, it takes up substantial stake in these companies in return of all the financial aid and infrastructure support. One of the most successful startups to have come out of Techstars accelerator programee is DigitalOcean – a cloud computing company based in New York.

Techstars was founded at Colorado in 2006 by Cohen, Brown, Brad Feld and Jared Polis. After a humble beginning, it steadily rose to become one of the most recognized incubation networks in the world. Apart from U.S., today it operates incubation centers across different countries including Australia, Canada, Israel and France.

With Indian startup ecosystem developing very fast over the years, today the country boosts pretty good number of incubation center’s. Even big giants like Google, Oracle and Microsoft are operating incubation center’s across India. But a big country like India certainly needs more incubation centre’s and Techstars’ debut will add a much needed chapter in this direction.

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