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Tech Giant Google Invests in India’s social media startup ShareChat

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should know.


Tech Giant Google Invests in India’s social media startup ShareChat

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc has made its second investment in India’s short video industry. This after the tech giant along with other investors invested $300 Mn in Sharechat at a valuation of $5 Bn. ShareChat operates a short video platform called MOJ, which was launched only a few months after the TikTok app was banned by the Indian government. Interestingly, Google has also invested in another short video platform Josh, which directly competes with Moj. Ever since the Indian government imposed ban on the TikTok app, India’s home-grown apps like Moj, Max Taka Tak and Josh apps have become enormously popular with Indian users.


Tesla lays tough condition for the make in India Tesla cars

The chances of Tesla setting up a manufacturing plant In India are now almost zero. That’s because Elon Musk’s company has refused to budge from its tough stand. This tough condition being that Tesla won’t set up a manufacturing plant in India unless it is allowed to sell its cars in India and the Indian government slashes heavy import duty on Tesla cars. The Indian government, on other hand, has always maintained that Tesla won’t be allowed to sell its cars in India unless it sets up a manufacturing plant in India. With both parties refusing to budge from their stands, the chances of make in India Tesla cars are now all about finished.


India Post delivers mail using Drone technology

Photo of a drone.. Image Source: Flickr

How about getting your future mails and couriers by drone technology? Well, this possibility cannot be ruled out. That’s because India’s postal services has successfully conducted a pilot test for delivering a mail through drone technology. India Post conducted this pilot test in Gujarat’s Kutch district. The drone successfully traveled nearly 45 Kms to reach its final destination from the originating plant. Interestingly, India post conducted this pilot barely a day after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Bharat Drone Mahotsav. Modi called drone technology a game changer for India’s economy.


Microsoft to go slow on future hiring


Due to the ongoing slowdown in the American economy, Microsoft has decided to go slow on hiring new employees. The company also said that henceforth all the important hirings will need to be sanctioned by Microsoft’s Vice President. Microsoft, by the way, is the latest big tech company to slow on hiring. Other big tech companies that have taken similar decision includes the likes of Meta, Nvidia, Uber, Lyft, Slack and Coinbase.


Indian Unicorn MPL lays off 100 employees

Bitten by the ongoing slowdown in funding in the Indian startup industry, the unicorn gaming startup MPL has become the latest high-profile startup to opt for lay-offs. The unicorn startup has decided to lay off nearly 100 employees. The company will also withdraw from the Indonesia market. Off late, Indian startups have witnessed spate of layoffs as investors have become choosy in signing in big cheques.

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