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TCS creates a new brand for promoting its AI product Ignio

India’s largest software exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is creating a separate brand to promote its AI product Ignio.  The IT giant launched this Services-as-a-software platform a few years back to help its global customers run their operations in SAP more effectively. It is also integrated with SAP ERP and is the world’s first neural automation system for enterprise IT.

According to the news report from Economic Times, the company has hired new employees in the US to boost the sales and growth of this product. By making Ignio a standalone product with minimal TCS branding, the company aims to build a software company with a business model that is completely different from its traditional services. Ignio is a cognitive automation solution for enterprise IT which achieved certified integration with SAP ERP in June 2017.


Ignio is an excellent SAP ERP product that minimizes the knowledge gaps across operational teams. It also helps business to resolve common errors that impact critical business processes and reduces the complexity involved in SAP Basis management. It also prevents compliance issues and provides full functional and technical relationship mapping. It comes with pre-built knowledge for end-to-end SAP Basis management including application maintenance, database and OS management and can resolve challenging customer issues.

The company is trying to ensure Ignio remains a standalone product with a separate brand and website. This new business unit  is named Digitate and is headed by Harrick Vin. This was created with an intention to promote Ignio as a separate product as many customers associate TCS to a service brand. Hence, a new brand identity is required to promote the growth of its AI product Ignio. Harrick Vin, who was previously Chief scientist at TCS told that creating a separate brand for Ignio will minimize the uncertainty among clients that if they purchase Ignio, they will be locked into a service contract.

The IT giant has also created a separate sales wing to boost the growth of Ignio. They aim to sell this novel product to customers across the globe without any Service-RFP and where TCS will not be acting as service provider. They also have ten sales executives in US exclusively working for the promotion of  this artificial intelligence platform. The company is also looking forward to publish more patents that can boost the valuation of Ignio as a SAP ERP solution. They are trying to transform Ignio into a cloud-based product so that it can be sold to customers using the software-as-a-service model.

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