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Talentedge Brings Great-quality, Convenient Learning that Exceeds the Need of the Hour

“The World is fast-paced” was the phrase used to describe the technological transformation that changed the life of humans, a few decades back. The usage became popular considering the transportation advancement, changing lifestyle, improvements in the communication technology, and more. In the recent years, people could see the change of pace is spreading to other sectors as well. The most-visible and the prominent sector is education industry. The education itself transformed to “learning,” and that means people who wanted to grasp a particular skillset, learn it without thinking too much about the value of the certificate, but the quality of learning. In every sector, few pioneers lead the revolution, and in the case of education, Talentedge takes that role.

Talentedge and Learning

Talentedge is an online interactive learning platform that is created to suit the quality education needs, convenient learning options, and access from anywhere in the world. It collaborates with some prestigious institutes and technology corporations to offer diverse courses and skillsets to the aspiring learners. The ed-tech firm brings live and interactive learning experience in digital format around the world. The courses are designed to suit the needs of working professionals and the corporates as that can help them to advance the skill set or learn new technologies. For ensuring the convenience of the professionals, the classes are scheduled on weekend.

What does it Offer?

The platform offers two types of programs depending on the course duration and the type of certification, and that are University Programs and Short-term Courses. In the case of University Programs, the ed-term firm has tie-ups with various institutes and universities and offer degree courses of their choice. The Short-term Courses are either Executive or Certification courses, which are skill advancing programs that aim to candidates becoming efficient at the workplace with improved skillsets, like Entrepreneurship, Brand and Sales Marketing, and more.

Talentedge collaborates with some of the best institutes in India and around the world including XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM Kashipur, Jack Welch Management Institute, and more. The courses are based on industry-demanding skill sets such as Strategic Management, Ethical Hacking, Data Mining & Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Project Management, Marketing Analytics, etc.

Features of the Platform Talentedge SLIQ

Contrary to other learning platforms, Talentedge offers live sessions conducted by faculties from the particular university or institute it collaborates. The international programs come up with Indian faculties as well to provide insights about Indian market with greater insights. The interactive, live sessions work smoothly at 2 Mbps, and it even works at lower bandwidth for slower networks at a reduced frame rate.

A number of features give advanced learning experience to each participant.

  • A unique attendance tracking platform
  • Regular assignments with results to ensure the progress and being on-track
  • Additional learning resources such as PDFs, videos, and reference materials to enhance the learning
  • Options to rate the classes and professors to ensure the candidates are getting superior learning experience
  • Reach out to faculty members with their queries and doubts.
  • Collaborate and communicate with various fellow batchmates.
  • Get notified about various other programmes.

Unique Characteristics of the Programs

Talentedge offers a quick and easy access to the learning platform with live chat sessions that helps the students to raise queries immediately. It has a strong Student Relationship Team that works with students to understand their needs, work on solutions, offer assistance on individual requirements, and more. The platform provides an added feature of recorded sessions that helps the participants to revisit the sessions at any time. Each program made attendance mandatory; it ensures the participation of every student at a higher level, and that reflects in the performance of the students in a positive way.

Talentedge Team


Talentedge cascades a revolutionary idea of bringing world-class learning experience to the home comfort. It researches out in the market, looks for demanding-skills, and bring it to the students with the latest industry updates and a strong focus on future. The platform also brings out the best training faculty from various institutes and corporate world as it thinks the students need advanced learning. Interestingly, while working to provide the highest quality training, Talentedge also ensures to make the courses affordable to the candidates to make it popular and accessible.

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