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Tailor Social: Efficiently manages all your Social Networking need in one place.

Tailor Social aims to enhance and prop up your social media presence with its several customized as well as feature-rich tools.  Suitable for both large as well as small companies, Tailor Social can easily help your products and services to stand out in the overcrowded and highly competitive world of social media.

But how easy can it really get. Well, once you activate your Tailor Social account, you can manage your entire social networking needs – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – by just few clicks. Thanks to several outstanding features, Tailor Social will help your brand grow phenomenally in the social media world without you having to put much hard work. In fact, you need not even have to remain tied to your computer once you sign for Tailor Social.

Below we have briefly explained some of the key features of Tailor Social.

Discover content that will help your brand grow: Tailor Social’s content discovery feature will do all the hard work to find engaging content for your business. It will dig out insightful articles, compelling videos, Inspirational GIFs and captivating images to keep your target audience hooked.

The only hard work you will to do is tell Tailor Social about your industry and content recommendations that your target audience will love to engage with.

Create visually stunning posts: Tailor Social’s ‘design’ feature helps you create visually stunning and captivating images without much hassle. As a result, your posts on Facebook and Instagram will look extraordinary and stand a great chance of drawing your target audience instantly as well as enhancing your company’s brand value.

Schedule all your posts well in advance: Tailor Social respects your freedom completely and hence it lets you to schedule all your posts well in advance. You can schedule your posts in advance on daily, weekly and even monthly basis. And once your posts are scheduled, you can just sit down and relax.

Measure and analyze your social media performance: With various analytical tools at your disposal, you can easily judge the performance of your social media contents and posts. You will know what’s working and what’s not and subsequently you can tweak your social media strategy as per your findings.

You can automate pretty much everything: With Tailor Social, you enjoy the awesome freedom of running your social media operation completely on autopilot.  From content discovery to daily posts, Tailor Social lets you operate all the critical aspects of your social media operation on complete autopilot mode. Hence you can just lounge on your couch while Tailor Social will do all the hard work for you. It is almost like having a magic wand and you probably could not have asked for more.


Tailor Social offers three monthly plans: Basic for $8, Professional for $12 and Corporate for $40. It is heartening to know that the company has kept the prices pretty affordable. However, if you want to try Tailor Social for free then free trial option is certainly available for limited period.


Tailor Social is an efficient tool that will keep your social media profile buzzing and make sure that you don’t miss out on your potential target audiences. In a day and age when active social media presence is vital for any commercial venture, tools like Tailor Social will prove to be a major boon for your business. While today there are surely many social media management tools in the market, Tailor Social stands out for offering so many superlative features at a very affordable pricing.          

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