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Swish VR: Offering World’s Finest Viral Videos

Finally (and I literally mean it) we’ve an app that aims not just to redefine but also revolutionize our viral video experience. There can be little argument over the fact that for too long we’ve been waiting for good video apps that can helps us in getting rid of those pretentious and fake viral videos going around the Youtube and our social media pages. After all, for how long are we going to live up with those half-hearted and hollow smiles. We all deserve real smiles and truly joyous moments.

With these expectations, I logged into the world of Swish Video app. Although this app is still in beta stage, anyone can easily download it on their respective Android and iPhones. I got it downloaded on my Android phone in barely few minutes and got this app running straight away.

To begin with, Swish has a simple and very smooth interface. I had no problem in either starting or navigating this app. The app got running smoothly the moment I switched it on. The first things that you’ll bump into are some really cool teaser videos. I’ve to admit that these teaser videos instantly sets the tone and gives more than enough hint that the viral videos inside this app are indeed high-quality stuff.

Swish’s all new virtual reality (VR) feature

But the feature that really got me excited the most is the  Swish VR feature, which is actually the latest addition to the Swish app. Admittedly, the idea of offering the best viral videos in VR resolution is brilliant, to say the least. With this latest inclusion, Swish’s creators are obviously trying to leverage the fast growing VR industry. But more importantly, this would help in creating an all-encompassing experience for the viewers and thereby increasing the app’s customer base.

However, I could not check out Swish’s VR feature as it is not yet compatible with VR headsets, but this feature is coming soon. Nonetheless, I would still like to applaud the app’s creator for incorporating VR function into their app. Purely because currently there are not many viral video apps that have done this. Hence if Swish can build a fantastic VR feature offering a complete immersive experience, then they have an outright winner on their hand.

To get such a mind blowing experience from an app that is still in beta stage is really praiseworthy. All I can say is that since there are currently very few viral video apps offering VR feature, Swish already has an outright winner on its side by including such a brilliantly functioning VR feature in its app.

Here I would like to bring to notice that currently, Swish’s VR feature is only available for Android users, while IOS users will have to wait a bit.

Are Swish’s viral videos really top class?

While Swish’s VR feature surprisingly offers class experience, but what about the content quality of viral videos, which is the main focus of this app. Well, I found Swish’s viral videos to be highly impressive. In fact, I will say that It would be a grave mistake to even compare these high-quality videos with those average viral videos freely available on the internet.

I personally checked 3 to 4 videos in animal, action and comedy categories. After the end of every video, I experienced a wow moment. I was simply awestruck by the magical stuff offered by every viral video that I checked out. Even now, as I am writing this review, I’m finding it difficult to get over some of the viral videos. Especially the one where scuba diver is trying to balance a huge dolphin on his fingertip or a guy indulging in life-threatening skating on a high rise building.

Some of the other features that I found equally impressive are as follows:

  • The app doesn’t end up hanging your phone. Not even after running HD videos for nearly an hour.
  • The quality of HD videos is really terrific.
  • Videos play very quickly (I hardly had to wait). Equally easy to pause and rewind/forward the videos.
  • Can easily shuffle between the categories
  • Offers 12 categories in all including rare categories like creative and wisdom.
  • Very easy to create an account on this app.


Is there anything critical about Swish app?

I personally did not find anything overtly critical about the Swish app. Not at least during the beta testing phase. However, I would like to request the app’s creators to ensure that their app also functions smoothly on the lower end smartphones. Like most video apps, Swish video may mostly falter on smartphones with lower RAM and other lower resolutions. Although this cannot be strictly considered as a weak point, but definitely something that the company must work on.


To sum it up, I give a huge thumb up to this app. It really succeeds in offering an immersive experience to viewers. While their collections of viral videos are really exceptional, the recent addition of VR feature makes this app a real deal.                   

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