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Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro: Reliable and simple to use


Review of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro.

Pros: boosts one of the best built-in previews, user-friendly interface & high recovery percentage 

Recovering deleted files doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated job, provided you‘ve a good data recovery tool at your disposal. If you agree with us, then this review of Stellar Data Recovery software will prove more than handy for you. This review will ascertain whether Stellar Data Recovery software is reliable enough to offer quality data recovery solutions.

For this review, Techpluto bought Windows Data Recovery – Professional v7 for $89 (inclusive of 10% discount). The price of pro software version offered by other competitors like EaseUs & OnTrack is more or less the same. Stellar also offers home version and dedicated version for photo recovery for Window users, while similar versions are available for Mac users as well. But we’ll review these software versions some other day. Today Techpluto wants to zero in on Windows Data Recovery Pro v7.

Windows Data Recovery Pro works comfortably with FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS disks.

Recovery Test   

To ascertain the recovery quality, Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro obviously had to be put through different recovery tests. In the initial test, few files containing hordes of images were deleted (from NTFS drive) and then subsequently deleted them from recycle bin and finally rebooted the PC. After the PC was restarted, Stellar Windows was ran to recover all the deleted images. It managed to recover 160 out of 170 images, which can be considered as a pretty impressive performance.

In another test, Stellar Windows Pro was ran without booting the PC and managed to recover all 170 images without any hiccups. More or less, results of both the tests were in line with the benchmarks set by other popular data recovery tools available in the market.

However, concluding Stellar Windows Pro as quality product after merely two tests wasn’t good enough. Hence another test followed, this time a deep scan was performed on reformatted USB flash drive. After scanning for nearly two minutes, it recovered almost all the files, except for the one PDF file that was still missing.

Lastly, Stellar was once again ran to recover an entire partition disk from a laptop that was recently crashed. The ‘advanced recovery’ feature was used for this purpose. Although retrieving an entire partition is never easy & success also depends on various factors, but surprisingly Stellar put forth an impressive performance here. It recovered the partition without any problem.

It must also be noted that that the pro version also comes with some other noteworthy features, including Optical Media Recovery mode that helps in recovering data’s from CDs and DVDs and also  Email Recovery mode that can retrieve deleted files from  a PST file.

Both these features were put to test and expectedly they gave us pretty impressive performance.

User-friendly test   

Unless a software is user-friendly (easy to use), it cannot be termed as ‘truly effective software.’ After all, in today’s fast-paced life people want software’s that can fix their problems in matter of few minutes. Hence it was only apt to scrutinize Stellar Windows Pro under our user-friendly test. For this test, a person with no previous experience in data recovery was allotted the task of conducting recovery by using Stellar software. The concerned person took almost 12 to 15 minutes to retrieve 5 Gb files, which is not bad (but is not good either). The successful recovery surely proves that Stellar Windows Pro boosts a simple and non – cluttered interface.

Speaking about the interface, the overall design of Stellar Windows Pro is very self-explanatory and condense, making it easier for users to operate the software without resorting to any assistance. For instance, the software simply ask user to choose whether to recover an entire partition or merely files (data, images, audio files etc.). Users have to merely choose the desired action and the software does the rest. In a nutshell, even a naïve person with very basic computer knowledge can easily operate Stellar software.

The one user-friendly feature that surely deserves mention here is the ‘preview screen.’ Not that other data recovery software does not have this feature, but Stellar’s preview screen offers additional information about the files that are being retrieved. This surely help users to ascertain which files are being retrieved, rather being in dilemma (which is the case with other competing software’s).


Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro is a safe bet for all the Windows users out there. It will certainly offer reliable solution for all your recovery problems. Especially the beginners and non-technical users will find this recovery tool immensely useful.

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