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Spotify accuses Apple of extortion over new EU app store changes

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Spotify accuses Apple of extortion over new EU app store changes

Streaming major Spotify has just made sensational accusation against tech giant Apple. Spotify has said that Apple’s new changes to its app store in EU is nothing but a farce and a blatant attempt of extortion by Apple. Although as per new changes in the rules Apple will be allowing developers to use third-party payment systems, the developers will still have to pay 17 percent commission. That’s not all. Developers will also have to pay 0.50 euro per annual app install after 1 million downloads. Spotify argues Apple’s new rules represents nothing but a monopoly under a different mask. It further added that the new payment structure will prove unfair for developers, especially those offering free apps.


Tesla recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles over software glitch

There is a big breaking news for Tesla car owners in America. Tesla has just announced that it will be recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles in the US due to a software glitch that can affect the backup camera. The EV major said that it will be mostly recalling Model Y, S, and X that are equipped with “Full Self-Driving” computer 4.0. It said that software instability can prevent the rearview camera from displaying while the car is in reverse, increasing the risk of a crash. If you own one of the affected vehicles then kindly check the Tesla app. Tesla has already released a software update to fix the glitch. You can also contact Tesla customer service for more information.


X blocks searches for Taylor Swift after Deepfake Scandal

X, formerly known as Twitter, has just announced that it is temporarily blocking searches for Taylor Swift after explicit, AI-generated images of the singer went viral on the platform. If you currently search for Taylor Swift on ‘X,’ then you will be shown a message that says ‘something went wrong. Try reloading.’ Some of the posts showing fake graphic images of Swift garnered millions of views, prompting concerns among and alarm among the general public. This incident highlights the challenges faced by social media platforms in dealing with deepfakes, which uses AI technology to manipulated images and videos. Swift has so far not commented on this fiasco.


Musk’s SpaceX has been sued over Worker Negligence

Elon Musk SpaceX has been sued over negligence in an accident that left one of its worker in a coma. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the worker’s wife, claims that the company failed to take proper safety precautions, leading to the worker’s serious injuries. The concern incident took place in in January 2022 during a routine engine test at a SpaceX facility in California. A recent Reuters report has also made a shocking revelation. Reuters report claims that at least 600 unreported workplace injuries have taken place at Musk’s rocket company during last few years. This report raises important questions about safety practices at SpaceX and the potential consequences of workplace accidents.


Reddit Eyes $5 Billion Valuation for IPO

Reddit, the popular social media platform, is considering an initial public offering (IPO) in 2024 and is reportedly being advised by potential investors to target a valuation of at least $5 billion. Reddit reportedly wanted to target higher valuation but has been asked to refrain from doing so by the investors. Reddit boasts over 70 million daily active users and this number is steadily increasing. The company’s revenue has also been growing steadily. The company is hoping that all these positive factors will help in garnering positive response for its IPO. Reddit, however, still hasn’t give exact timeline about the launch of its IPO.


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