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SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin payments

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiasts should keep a tab on.


SpaceX will soon accept Dogecoin payments

Image Source: Flickr

Elon Musk’s space rocket company SpaceX has said that it will soon start accepting Dogecoin payments. But don’t get too excited, you cannot buy SpaceX’s rockets and Starlink satellites with the help of this popular crypto meme. You can use Dogecoin only for buying SpaceX merchandise like T shirts, mugs and caps that are widely available across online shopping websites. Currently, SpaceX fans have to use debit cards, credit cards and cash for buying the company’s merchandise. Notably, Tesla had started accepting Dogecoin payment for selling its merchandise in January itself.


Netflix plans to impose monthly fine on customers for password sharing

Netflix is literally fed up with the rampant misuse of password sharing among its users. The streaming giant is apparently losing millions of dollars because of this practice. But the company has now found a solution to this decade old problem. The streaming company will impose a monthly fine of $2-$3 on all those subscribers who are found of sharing passwords with anyone apart from their family members. Netflix is already testing this feature with select users in a few South American countries like Peru, Chile and Costa Rica.


Meta’s Metaverse platform faces flak over sexual assault cases  

Meta’s Metaverse platform may be still in a nascent stage and has many years to go before it becomes a mainstream platform. But Meta’s platform is already facing lot of criticism especially over the rise of sexual assault cases. One such case came to light when recently a technology researcher’s virtual avatar got raped in Meta’s Metaverse platform Horizon World. Yes, you heard it right, the researcher’s virtual avatar got raped in the Meta’s Horizon World. Mark Zuckerberg’s upcoming platform has been facing lot of question as to how it will protect its users against sexual assault.


Apple’s browser Safari now has one billion users across the world

Apple’s very own browser Safari has finally crossed the 1 Bn user mark. This is according to a new report compiled by the popular VPN company Atlas VPN. With this milestone, Safari is now the world’s second most popular browser, accounting for nearly 20% market share in the global browsing market. But mind you, Safari is still far behind Google Chrome, which is still the most dominant player in the internet browsing market. In fact, Chrome has a whopping 3.5 Bn users across the world, which is almost twice more than the Safari users.


Shanghai to finally relax covid lockdown rules

China has finally announced that its commercial capital Shanghai will remove many lockdown curbs from June 1, i.e. from today itself. The decision comes after Shanghai’s 25 Mn people were forced to remain locked inside their homes for almost two months. By the way, this news will come as a huge relief for big U.S companies like Apple and Tesla. The production of these big U.S. companies were badly hampered because of China’s strict lockdown.

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