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SpaceX ex-employees open about sexual harassment in the company – Top Tech News

Here are top trending news from the world of technology


SpaceX ex-employees open about sexual harassment in the company

Image Source: Flickr

A clutch of former SpaceX employees have come forwarded and shared what they claim to be a harrowing experience while working in the commercial rocket company. They have claimed that the culture of sexual harassment is highly prevalent in the company and accused managers and HR department of turning blind eye to these practices (Click here)  


Youtube goes down (outage has been fixed)

Image Credits: Pixabay germany_photography

Youtube services on Tuesday faced a major outage across some part of the world. As a result thousands of people had problems accessing Youtube while other people witnessed a slow streaming problem (Click here)


Google tell employees either comply with vaccine policy or get fired

Image Credits: Flickr Trent Marinelli

Google has given a stern warning to all its employees that they should either comply with company’s official vaccine policy or get ready face harsh consequences. Google’s official vaccine policy states that all employees must get vaccinated and upload the certification in company’s system (Click here)   


Samsung and IBM make audacious claim about their chip design

Computer Chip

Samsung and IBM have claimed that their new chip design can have a revolutionary impact on the mobile phone industry. Both companies claim that their jointly designed chip could lead to week long battery life for mobile phones as opposed to today’s poor battery life (Click here)


NASA’s spacecraft enters Sun’s atmosphere

Image Credits: Flickr R&B Duncan

NASA has claimed that its spacecraft has touched the corona of the sun. The American space agency claimed that the Parker Solar probe had successfully passed through Sun’s atmosphere on April 28. This is for the first time that any spacecraft has entered Sun’s atmosphere, marking a historic achievement (Click here)

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