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Elon musk’s SpaceX Aims to Put Humans on Mars in 2024

Elon musk
Elon musk aims to put humans on Mars in 2024.

Elon musk is unarguably one of the most talismanic entrepreneurs of our generation. His status as an entrepreneur can even dwarf legendry Steve Job’s iconic status, provided that his aerospace company SpaceX succeeds in what many have touted as the most ambitious quest ever: building human colonies on the Mars planet.

This breathtaking mission, as we all know, has already made half of the world rapturous. Hence when Musk spoke at 2017 International Astronautical Congress in Australia on Friday to shed light on SpaceX’s ambitious project, the world had to listen with rapt attention.

The charismatic entrepreneur didn’t disappoint either as he made some big announcements and shared some other exciting details about the project.

Firstly, Musk confidently laid year 2024 as the year when SpaceX would start building human colonies on Mars, which will be achieved by sending four space ships to the red planet. This ambitious project would be preceded by another project that would aim at sending two cargo vessels on Mars by 2022.

But the most important piece of information that Musk shared is that the initial plan to lead the Mars mission with suite of space vehicles has been changed. Now instead the mission will be using single, slimmer and shorter rocket, which the SpaceX’s founder has codenamed as ‘BFR rocket’. The size of BFR rocket has also been scaled down, with rocket’s new size now measuring 106m in height and 9m in width.

Musk clarified that all these changes were made to make this project more economical, while pointing out that he has been equally focused on opening new revenue streams for funding this exuberantly costly project.

There is more to Musk’s Mindboggling mission  

You can certainly bet on Elon Musk for coming up with some insane missions. The thing is that Musk doesn’t want to use rockets only to transport human beings to Mars, but also want to help them commute between different cities on the planet earth. This new revelation of his mission certainly had a deafening impact on audiences inside the auditorium.

If everything goes well, then this maverick entrepreneur can help us travel between New York and London in only 29 minutes.

Musk claimed that once the rocket goes beyond Earth’s atmosphere, it can travel smoothly and hence can help humans to get most long-distance places in less than half an hour.

This inter-city rocket expedition certainly reminds us of Musk’s another ambitious project, the Hyperloop project that aims to revolutionize our conventional mode of transportation.


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