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Space X to Collaborate with Cloudflare to speedup Starlink Internet

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Space X to collaborate with Cloudflare to speedup Starlink Internet

SpaceX's rocket launch.

Elon Musk’s satellite internet company SpaceX has reportedly partnered with content delivery network Cloudflare to improve the overall latency and speed of its Starlink satellite internet service. The exact details of the partnership are not yet known. However, Cloudflare is expected to deploy its CDN network to some of Starlink’s ground stations. As a result, Cloudflare users will be able to download the content at a much greater speed, improving their overall internet browsing experience. As Starlink continues to grow, it is likely that Starlink’s parent company SpaceX will partner with other companies to further improve its performance.


Sony’s Portable PlayStation to be priced at $199

Sony has announced that its portable PlayStation Portal will be launched later this year for $199.99. The Portal is a streaming-only device that allows you to play PS5 games on a handheld screen. This is Sony’s first-ever remote play dedicated device. This device boosts an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen, DualSense-style controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, and a built-in speaker. The Portal will connect to your PS5 over Wi-Fi, and you’ll need an internet connection of at least 5Mbps for the best experience. Although not as powerful as a dedicated handheld gaming device, it is a great way to play PS5 games on the go.


Microsoft may bring more AI capabilities to Windows 11

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring more AI capabilities to its several Windows 11 apps including Paint, Photos, and the Snipping Tool. Some of the AI features that Microsoft is reportedly working on include object recognition in photos, background removal in photos, OCR in Snipping Tool and Generative AI in Paint. It’s still not clear when these features will be released. But these AI features could make Windows 11 apps more powerful and versatile. For instance, the object recognition feature in photos could make it easier to organize and manage your photos while background removal feature can help in creating more professional looking photos.


Google unveils new security features for Workspace 11

Google has announced total 11 new security features for Workspace, some of which are powered by AI. Most of these features have been designed to help organizations protect their data and users from any potential cyberattacks. Some of these new security features include mandatory two-factor authentication for select administrator accounts, AI-powered classification and labeling for Google Drive, simplified security settings for Workspace Essentials and new security controls for Google Meet. Apart from safeguarding organization against possible cyber-attacks, these features will also make it easier for them to manage their security settings and to track security incidents. Overall, Google Workspace is likely to become even more secure in the coming days and this spells good news for Workspace users.

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