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Sony is all set to enter electric vehicle market – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Sony is all set to enter electric vehicle market

Japanese consumer electronic giant Sony has announced that it will be soon entering the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. For entering the electric vehicle, the Japanese company has already founded a new entity called Sony Mobility Inc. It is not yet clear whether Sony will be entering in partnership with emerging electric vehicle companies or will be manufacturing the vehicles on its own (Read more)  


Google’s top executives get a massive salary bump up


While Google has already made it clear that its general employees’ salaries won’t increase, it is all set to give massive salary increment to four of its top executives. According to reports, the base salaries of  these top executives will increase from $650,000 to $1 Mn. Additionally, these top executives will be rewarded handsomely through ESOP or employee stock programs (Read more)


China launches its own digital currency (but it is not cryptocurrency)

China has launched its own digital currency, known as ‘digital yuan’ and alternatively known as e-CNY. The communist country has also launched a pilot version of an app that will allow Chinese people to trade in digital currency. But it must be noted that digital yuan is not a cryptocurrency. It isn’t a decentralized form of payment and won’t operate on blockchain technology. In fact, the Asian giant is averse to anything that is related to cryptocurrency (Read more).


Qualcomm will power the future Microsoft AR glasses

Qualcomm and Microsoft have further consolidated their partnership as the latter announced that all its future AR and mixed reality headset will be powered by Qualcomm chips. This announcement was made at CES 2022’s press conference. It must be noted that Qualcomm’s custom chips already powers Microsoft HoloLens 2 AR headset (Read more)   


Apple’s mixed reality headset may arrive in late 2022

Apple Acquires AI Startup Silk Labs for undisclosed amount.

If rumors are to be believed then Apple is all set to roll out its highly anticipated mixed reality headsets in the fag end of 2022, albeit they will be launched in limited numbers. Grapevines further claim that Apple will start aggressively shipping the products only in the first quarter of 2023 (Read more).    

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