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Social Media & Cyber Security: Why Students Should Be Aware of Publishing Something on Social Media

Description: The internet is a never-ending maze and that alone is enough reason why students should think twice before publishing something on social media. Posting on social media is a one-way communication, so take this advice for students as for everyone else: social media is beneficial only if you make it work that way.


There have been a lot of problematic posts and tweets all over Social Media, more throwing shades than creating or recreating connections. At some point, we all contributed to highlighting the dangers of social media, as we have apparently shied away from properly using social media platforms nowadays. For the first few months of Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, or all the other social networking sites you can remember, we were there to find friends we lost contact with a long time ago. We were there to communicate. These sites were there to aid us with reconnection, but now, these sites have become the outlet of our rants, the platform for announcements of wrongdoings everything it was not made for, and that is why students should think twice before publishing something on social media.

Why you should think twice?

  • Ever heard of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a compilation of processes to protect any digital data from unauthorized access and usage. It all sounds great, right? Being protected online and all, but why is there such a thing called “cybersecurity” anyway? Bingo! It is because the internet is not secure by default. The world wide web is a maze where every data that goes in will never get out. As cliché as it may sound, this is the very reason why you should think before posting on your social media accounts.

  • Who really cares?

Not meant as a sly comment on what you think is important, but really one of the questions that should make you think twice. Ask yourself, is it about me, about my family, about my friend, against my enemy? Whatever it is, who else has something to do with it? No one else, right? This is mainly an advice for students, for the young who have so much passion in them, always take care of your own image, because a social media aggressive bunch for personal matters is not on top of an employer’s list.

  • Do not shrug off the dangers of hacking

One of the most prominent risks of social media is the practice of hacking. Note that you are always being watched by both the people you know and do not know, so the more important personal information you publicize through your social media account, the more you will become a likely victim of hacking and whatever data they can get from your profile can be used against you for blackmailing, identity theft, and the likes.

  • Who are you online?

Posting pictures online, updating everybody where you are or where you have been, and sharing the best in your life are the most common activities in our social media accounts. It is not bad, but it will create an impression that everything is going well, but what if you know well that you are having problems at home? If all is really well, then by all means, please be proud of what you have achieved, but then again, always remembering the lingering dangers of being a part of the risk group for hacking. Whatever you are posting, positive or negative, you should never let your guard down.

  • Ranting online does nothing but negative impact on you

This another golden rule on our student tips following the “Who are you online” question. It is true that most employers browse through their applicant’s social media presence before coming up with a decision, so, if you are active online posting nothing but your anger and dismay, then you may have a problem in the future. Professionalism is not confined in the workplace, so, always think before you post on social media.

In as much as we at Custom Essay Meister value freedom of speech, we value security. We are not telling you to stop using social media, because this platform is really beneficial when utilized the right way. We are just here to remind you that your safety should be your top priority.

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