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Snapchat’s AI chatbot is Facing Stinging Criticism

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that I feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Snapchat’s AI chatbot is Facing Stinging Criticism

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It has been days since Snapchat released its AI chatbot “My AI” to general users, after initially being available only for paid subscribers. However, My AI isn’t getting much positive reviews from users. Many took to their Twitter accounts to poke fun at funny and inaccurate answers given by Snapchat’s AI chatbot. While accuracy is not the only concern, several users have also raised fear over personal privacy. Snapchat has openly claimed that its AI chatbot does not access users’ personal information. But despite these claims My AI accurately replied the birth dates of several users. Snapchat’s My AI is powered by ChatGPT’s parent company Open  AI.


Indian carrier Air India to use ChatGPT-driven Chatbot

The Tata owned Air India has announced that it will be using artificial intelligence powered ChatGPT in its digital communication system. This move is part of its Vihaan.AI initiative, which aims to modernize its digital communication system by integrating AI. However, Air India hasn’t clarified how it intends to use ChatGPT. Ever since ChatGPT has become a rage several big companies have either already or in the process of integrating generative AI chatbots into its digital system. Air India, by the way, has become the first airline carrier in India to announce the integration of ChatGPT. A move that might inspired other airlines to take a similar decision.


Microsoft may separate Teams from Office to bypass Antitrust Concern  

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Microsoft has reportedly agreed to stop bundling its remote collaboration software Teams with its office productivity suite. The tech giant’s move seems to be in response to the ongoing investigation by EU’s antitrust bodies. Following this decision, companies will now be able to purchase with or without Teams installed. However, it is still unclear how Microsoft will go about in implementing this decision. This regulatory issue would not have occurred had competing productivity platform Slack, which is now owned by Salesforce, not complained to EU regulators against Microsoft in 2020. This is, by the way, Microsoft’s first major regulatory issue in a decade.


Court largely sides with Apple in anti-trust battle against Epic games

In what will be largely seen as a victory for Apple, an appeals court in the U.S. mostly sided with the tech giant Apple in the ongoing anti-trust battle against Epic Games. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Apple’s closed app system did not violate antitrust law. However, Apple has faced a minor setback as the court ruled that developers can link to outside payments. The legal fiasco began in 2020 when Apple removed Fortnite from its app store after the app began allowing users to make in-app purchase using Epic’s own payment process.


Twitter restores Blue Tick for several High-profile Celebrity Accounts

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Twitter has reinstated blue tick mark for several high-profile accounts days after it got disappeared, causing a sharp reaction from celebrities and organizations. Beyonce, Harry Kane, Richard Osman and Victoria Beckham are among the many celebrities who have seen the blue tick mark reinstated on their account. However, it is still not clear whether these celebrities have paid the newly announced subscription fees for Twitter Blue service amounting to $8. Before Elon Musk took over the microblogging company, the blue tick remained a free service. The Blue tick helps in authenticating the Twitter accounts of celebrities and influential organizations and hence plays a critical role in fighting misinformation and fake news.

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