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Snapchat Unveils Chat Editing Feature

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Snapchat Unveils Chat Editing Feature

Snapchat is finally catching up with other messaging apps as it now allow users to edit their chats. This new edit feature Initially will be available exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. There will likely be a limited window, possibly 5 minutes, to edit a message after sending it. Edited messages will most likely have a label indicating that they were changed. This new feature could prove immensely beneficial for fixing typos, correcting grammar and clarifying messages. Overall, this is a significant change for Snapchat, and it will be interesting to see how it impacts user behavior and the overall platform culture.


LinkedIn Introduces Wordle-Inspired Games for Daily Play

In an interesting development, professional networking platform LinkedIn has just launched three new games that incorporates daily word and logic puzzles similar to the popular game ‘Wordle.’ These three games are Pinpoint, Queens  and Crossclimb. Each game can be played only once a day, encouraging users to return for a quick mental challenge. This feature aims to increase user engagement on LinkedIn by providing a casual break from networking and job hunting exercise. Notably, players can share their scores with connections on LinkedIn, adding a social element to the experience. The rise of Wordle’s popularity likely influenced LinkedIn to introduce these games, hoping to replicate some of that engagement on their platform.


Anthropic launches a free iOS app & its first enterprise plan

Anthropic, an AI company which is backed by Google and Amazon, has just launched two new offerings. First is a free IOS app, which will help its users to interact with Anthropic’s large language models. The free iPhone app is also likely to help the company in increasing its user base. Its second offering compromises of its first ever enterprise plan, known as ‘Team.’ Team will provide businesses and companies access to Anthropic’s popular LLM models including Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet and Haiku models. Team will be available at $30 per user per month price. With a free app and an enterprise plan, Anthropic is directly challenging OpenAI’s market dominance. This could lead to faster innovation and potentially lower costs for businesses using LLMs.


NVIDIA updates its AI Chatbot Creator ‘ChatRTX’ with new Features


NVIDIA’s ChatRTX technology, which helps in creating AI chatbots, has just received significant updates. Following this update, ChatRTX now offers new large language models that provides useful features like holding conversations, answering questions, and generating different creative text formats. Additionally, it now also supports voice recognition, allowing users to interact with the chatbot through spoken commands or questions. This enhances the naturalness of the interaction. That’s not all. Users will now have the ability to search for media like images or videos directly within ChatRTX. Overall, this update positions ChatRTX as a more powerful and versatile tool for creating AI-powered chatbots and content.


Walmart is about to launch a 4K Chromecast that’s also a smart speaker

There is exciting news for budget-minded consumers who are looking for a versatile streaming device. Walmart’s in-house electronics brand ‘Onn’ is soon likely to launch a 4K Chromecast with a built-in smart speaker. This means you can stream content in high resolution and also control the device with voice commands. You can control playback, adjust volume, and potentially access other smart home features simply through voice commands. Combining streaming and smart speaker functionality in one device will certainly simplify your home entertainment setup. There’s no official confirmation from Walmart yet, so the exact release date and specifications might differ. It’s also unclear if this device will run on Google TV or on different operating system.

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