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SketchBubble: Get the Most Professionally Designed Presentations in Few Clicks

Presentations, this is a word that puts many people on the tenterhook. In fact, without a semblance of exaggeration, for some, this is a scary term as it straight away puts their career on the knife-edge. Presentations more often than not are dubbed as a career-changing event, they can either make your career or break your career in tatters. These pertinent and undeniable facts are what led to the creation of SketchBubble.

SketchBubble is essentially a marketplace for presentation templates. This is a one-stop destination for buying stunning and professionally designed presentations. From Microsoft PowerPoints, Apple Keynotes to Google Slides Templates, SketchBubble has put everything in place to cater to your need for professionally designed presentations. In fact, the huge number of presentations that this platform has put in place is simply impressive. Over 1,50,000 presentations. Yes, you heard it right. SketchBubble gives users access to over 1,50,000 presentations. And mind you, every presentation is indeed impressive. At least, impressive enough to impress your boss and superiors and win rare praise from them. Better, it can even fetch you a promotion or pay hike.

Four reasons why you should subscribe to SketchBubble

  • Easy to edit: All SketchBubble’s presentations are 100% editable slides. Therefore, users can add, remove, or customize the presentation the way they want. That said, all SketchBubble’s presentations are professionally designed, the necessity to edit even the most elegantly designed presentation can never be ruled out.
  • Saves Time & Effort: With SketchBubble, you’re merely few clicks away from downloading the most perfect presentation slides for your important meeting. All the presentations on SketchBubble are pre-designed, sparring you from the inconvenience of slogging for unduly long hours to perfect your presentations.
  • Weekly new slides: SketchBubble provides 10-15 new slides every week, increasing not only the size of its portfolio but also adds to its diversity. The latter implies that users can find all types of presentations on this platform – charts & diagrams, templates, people and objects, maps, bundles so and so forth.
  • Customer support:  SketchBubble offers ticket-based customer service to its users to resolve their unforeseen and minor problems.

Pricings and plans

SketchBubble offers three pricing packages to customers, and they are as follows:

Monthly – $49.95 (20 downloads per month)

Quarterly – $99.95 (20 downloads per day)

Yearly – $199.95 (Unlimited downloads)

SketchBubble client portfolio

Today SketchBubble is used by many industry leaders and some of the biggest names in the corporate world:

  • Adobe
  • GE
  • Vodafone
  • Toyota
  • IBM
  • HP


Given that presentation plays a major role in our professional career, a platform like SketchBubble can give a much-needed push to your latent career. This platform ensures that you don’t sweat through hours of the painstaking process of perfecting your presentation. In just a matter of few clicks, you get the most elegantly designed presentation that is sure to impress your boss. And when your boss is impressed, it more that opens up the window of opportunity for your career growth.  

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