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Six Ex-Ebay Employees face Cyberstalking Charges – Top Trending News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Six Ex-Ebay employees get embroiled in cyberstalking controversy

Six former Ebay employees have been charged with cyberstalking for harassing Natick based couple. The couple was harassed for allegedly writing a newsletter that was supposedly critical of Ebay’s services. Apart from sending threatening messages, the prosecutor alleged that the accused employees also sent deliveries containing harmful contents. These harmful contents include live cockroaches, bloody Halloween mask and a funeral wreath. Ebay has already apologized to the concerned couple and said that it does not tolerate such behavior.


T Mobile services in US hit by Outage

On Monday, T Mobile customers across the U.S were unable to make/receive calls and send messages; in an apparent sign that the mobile services company was facing outage across the U.S. However, data access reportedly remains unaffected. The impact and spread of the outage is still not known. But going by the fact that T Mobile was trending across the U.S is in itself an indication that the scale of this outage may be pretty big.


Rocket Lab – Space X’s less famed rival – is on an aggressive mode  

Rocket Lab is now inching closer to its ambitious goal of weekly launches with its next big launch that is reportedly scheduled for July 3. This upcoming space mission, which has been nicknamed “Pics or it Didn’t Happen” comes on the back of a successful mission that was launched only last weekend. This mission successfully placed five space rockets into Earth’s orbit.


For the sake of 5G, US amends Huawei Ban

U.S government has partially revoked ban on Chinese telecommunication company Huawei. Following the partial revocation of this ban, U.S. companies can now work with Huawei for development of 5G or fifth generation wireless technology. However, the U.S government maintained that this respite is only restricted to the area 5G and the blanket ban on the Chinese telecommunication company will continue.


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