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Signal users can now hide their Phone Numbers

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Signal users can now hide their Phone Numbers

Messaging app Signal, which directly competes with WhatsApp, has just announced a new feature that will significantly increase the privacy of its users. Its new feature will allow users to communicate with each other by using unique usernames instead of revealing their phone numbers. Up until now, users had to give their phone number if they had to chat with someone on Signal. However, following the new update, Signal users can now connect with others without compromising their phone number privacy. But currently this feature is only available in the limited markets and will probably take few weeks before it is rolled to other global markets.


Adobe adds ‘AI assistant’ feature to Acrobat & Reader

Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign

Adobe has announced that it is adding AI assistant feature to its Acrobat and Reader DC applications. Powered by Adobe Sensei, the new AI feature will automate several repetitive tasks like form filling and data extraction. It can also answer user questions about PDF features and functionality. Adobe is hopeful that this new AI feature will help in solidifying its leadership in the PDF market, which has become immensely competitive over the years. There is also possibility that more AI features could be launched in the Acrobat and Reader DC in coming months. However, some users might be concerned about privacy and data security when using these AI tools and AI assistant.


Elon Musk’s latest update on ‘Neuralink Chip’ patient is making everyone excited

Image Credits: Flickr Gillinghammer

Elon Musk on Tuesday made an important announcement that the first human participant in Neuralink’s clinical trial is now able to move a computer mouse by using his own thoughts. This is indeed an important milestone. However, Musk refused to share more information about this event. This announcement has generated excitement and also skepticism due to the ambitious nature of Neuralink’s goals and the limited information available. By the way, this is the first human trial for Neuralink, a company aiming to develop Brain-Computer Interfaces for various purposes, including medical treatment and communication. Some medical experts and professionals have raised ethical questions about Neuralink’s safety and security.


Tinder Launches Crackdown against Dating Scams with ‘Strict Verification System’  

how to cancel tinder gold

Dating app Tinder has launched a huge crackdown against online dating scams and criminal activity through stricter user verification measures. The new verification measure includes mandatory checks requiring users to submit government-issued passports and record short video selfies. Tinder is hopeful that the strict ID verification process will help in deterring fake profiles, impersonation and fraudulent behavior. Over all, this is a welcome feature that will hopefully make Tinder app more safe and secure app for searching romantic partners. In the past, Tinder has faced criticisms for becoming a breeding ground for scams and criminal activities.


Apple Music launches a monthly version of its annual Replay feature

There is a great news for Apple Music users. Apple has just launched a monthly version of its annual Replay feature. This monthly version feature will create a month-by-month archive of your top songs, albums and artists. You can access your monthly Replay on the website Now you can simply sign in with your Apple ID and explore your listening stats for any month you’ve been subscribed. You can even share your monthly top songs playlist with friends and family on social media. Over all, Apple Music users will gain more granular insights into their evolving music tastes. They can also discover new artists or revisit forgotten favorites based on their monthly trends.

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