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Samsung’s S Voice Assistant is soon going to be dead – Top Trending news

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Samsung’s S Voice Assistant is soon going to be dead

Image Courtesy: Saudi 24

Samsung’s S Voice assistant, the much touted challenger to Apple’s Siri, will not be available on Samsung’s flagship smartphones from June of this year. This after the South Korean electronics giant decided to pull the plug on the Siri’s challenger. Samsung disclosed the news on its support page, which was first reported by SamMobile. However, majority of Samsung users will be least affected by this decision, since S Voice assistant’s replacement Bixby is already available on all the major Samsung smartphones.


LG’s next smartphone will be called LG Velvet

Breaking with its conventional tradition of alphanumeric names, LG’s next phone will be simply known as LG Velvet. Apart from the name, LG has sought to go for a major makeover over the design front as well. Unlike its past predecessors, LG Velvet will reportedly include a raindrop camera design with smaller lens and an LED flash below the larger main camera. Now it is to be seen whether all these changes will bring any luck for the LG, which until has failed to leave any major mark on the smartphone market.


NASA Marks 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 Mission

NASA on Saturday commemorated 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission, which is often described as NASA’s near disaster mission. Apollo 13 was NASA’s third lunar landing mission but the astronauts could never make to Earth’s natural satellite, after the oxygen tank exploded midair. However, all the astronaut returned safe to earth following a rescue mission. This near catastrophic mission has been dramatized in a Hollywood blockbuster movie called Apollo 13.


Xbox live experiences outage issue….again

Microsoft’s Xbox live experienced a minor technical issue on Friday, causing an outage that prevented many users from availing the Xbox live service. Although the problem was later fixed but this is the third time that Xbox live experienced a major problem in one month. Notably, Xbox live experienced a major outage problems on March 15th and March 20th. This repeated outage issue is certainly related to the coronavirus pandemic, with Xbox live experiencing heavy traffic more than ever before due to the lockdown.

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