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Samsung Mocks Apple’s iPhone 14 (here’s why)

Here are the top trending stories from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Samsung Mocks Apple’s iPhone 14 (here’s why)

Samsung-horizontal-foldable-phone screen grab
Image Credits: Samsung YouTube

South Korean tech giant Samsung has taken a potshot at Apple’s newly launched iPhone 14. On the eve on iPhone 14’s launch,  Samsung’s official Twitter handle said a cryptic tweet “let us know when it folds.” The Tweet supposedly ridiculed Apple for not lunching a foldable phone yet. While Apple has not yet launched a foldable phone, Samsung has already become a market leader in this niche. Several media reports claim that Apple is working on foldable phone but the company has not achieved much success on this front. Over the years, Samsung has made a habit of poking fun at Apple over some of its missing features.


Now Book a Bus Service on Uber


In future you might be able to book a bus service on your Uber app. Sounds exciting. Isn’t it. The ride hailing platform Uber has entered into partnership with Gurugram ‘s private bus operator ‘GMCBL’ for running a pilot test. Thanks to this pilot test, Gurugram commuters can directly book bus service through their Uber app. However, currently this pilot test is been conducted only on specific routes and destination of the Gurugram city. If this pilot test is successful then Uber will expand this pilot testing to other cities as well. Notably, Uber is currently running another pilot test in Gurugram, allowing commuters to directly book a cab through WhatsApp.


China’s BYD is racing ahead of Tesla

Image Credits: Flickr harry_nl

Elon Musk ‘s Tesla seems to be losing grip on the highly lucrative Chinese market. According to the latest statistics, China’s domestic EV company BYD sold more cars than Tesla for the second straight month in the August. A leading survey claims that BYD sold as many as 83,000 EV cars in China alone in August while Musk’s company managed to sell only 30,000 -35,000 odd EV cars. Since China is the world’s largest auto market both companies are vying really hard to get substantial share in the market. However, off late a little known Chinese company BYD is giving a major headache to global brand like Tesla.


Muslim countries warn Netflix over Controversial Content

A watchdog organization regulating media content in the Arab Muslim countries has warned Netflix over what it terms as unislamic content. The streaming giant has been signaled out for allegedly showing content promoting sexual behavior among young children and homosexuality among young Muslim men. Apart from the watchdog organization GOC Media, Saudi Ariba has also called up on Netflix for not regulating content as per the Islamic values. Recently Saudi Arabia had also pulled up Youtube for showing allegedly unislamic content. Netflix has so far not commented on this issue. Since most Arab Muslim countries are conservative in nature, censorship is a big issue there.   


Twitter is testing ‘Share to WhatsApp’ Button

If everything goes well then pretty soon you might be able to share your Twitter Tweet with your WhatsApp friends. That’s because Twitter is reportedly testing a ‘share to WhatsApp’ button on its app. The microblogging platform currently has only a ‘share’ button that gives us the option of sharing our tweet on various social media platforms as well as through direct message. But if Twitter has its way then in future we might only have ‘share to WhatsApp’ button, which means we’ll be able to share our Tweets only on WhatsApp and no other platform. Interestingly, this testing is currently been conducted only in the Indian market.

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