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Samsung Data Hacked, Galaxy Source Code Stolen  – Top Tech News

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Samsung Data Hacked, Galaxy Source Code Stolen  


Amid swelling rumors, Samsung officially confirmed on Monday that hackers have got unauthorized access to company internal data. The South Korean electronic giant further said that hackers have manage to gain access to some source codes of Galaxy branded devices including Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, Samsung has categorically mentioned that personal information of Galaxy customers & employees are 100% safe. Although popular hacking group Lapsus$ has claimed the responsibility, Samsung has not blamed any  particular group (Read more)


Google claims Chrome OS on MacOS is faster than Safari

Google has claimed that its 99th version of Chrome has managed to outperform Safari on MacOS. Chrome managed to achieve this feet thanks to a speed-focused ‘build optimization technique’ and ‘refined graphic processing,’ according to reports. As per the statistics, Chrome is quicker by 7 percent than Safari and boosts 15 percent faster graphics speed on MacOS. Even better, Google even managed to outperform Safari in Apple’s own Speedometer benchmark on an M1 Max equipped MacBook Pro, according to Google (Read more)


Google in talks to acquire a cyber security company

Google has reportedly joined the race to acquire the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. Google would be competing with Microsoft, which is also reportedly interested in acquiring the cybersecurity firm. However, unconfirmed reports claim that Google is far more aggressively bidding for Mandiant. Analysts claim that Google believes that the latest acquisition will help in beefing up the security of its cloud platform and compete better with Microsoft Azure (Read more)


Netflix pulls out of Russia

 Netflix has joined the growing list of big tech platforms that are either boycotting or restricting commercial ties with Russia. Russian now won’t be able to watch Netflix after the streaming giant decided to impose complete blockade on its operation in Russia. Last week, Netflix had already stopped all the future projects and acquisitions in Russia (Read more)


Ukraine Prez Invites Elon Musk to visit Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed on Saturday that he brief spoke to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Zelensky confirmed the news on Twitter. The Ukrainian president claimed that Musk has assured that his company Starlink will activate more terminals across Ukraine in coming weeks. Zelensky also officially invited Elon Musk to visit the war-torn country (Read more)

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