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Salesforce Grabs Attic Labs, the Startup that created Decentralized Database Noms

Salesforce acquires Attic Labs for an undisclosed amount.

Salesforce, one of the most successful American cloud computing companies, has successfully acquired software startup Attic Lab. The financial and other key details of the acquisitions have not been disclosed. Although a relatively young startup with only 10 employees, Attic Lab came on its own after it launched Noms in August 2016. Noms, as is claimed by Attic Lab, is the first decentralized database and helps to easily edit large-scale structured data.  Noms was launched almost the same time when Attic Lab raised nearly $8.1 million in Series A round funding.

According to information on Attic Lab’s website, the entire team of Attic will join Quip software – a subsidiary company of Salesforce. The website further added that Noms will continue to remain open source software after the acquisition, but maintained that it is not currently working to make any additional changes in the database.

Enlightening on its collaboration with ‘Quip Software’ Attic said “ it will extend Quip’s ability to connect live data sources, making it easier for people to collaborate faster and more effectively.”

This marks Salesforce’s first acquisition in 2018. Last year, the California based company made only one acquisition in the form of ‘Sequence,’ which is a digital creative agency.  However, a year before (i.e. 2016) the company riding on an acquisition spree picked up dozens of promising companies. Incorporated almost two decades ago, today Salesforce stands as one of the formidable poster boys of the entire cloud computing industry. It is one of the most highly valued American cloud computing companies, with a market capitalization of almost $78 bn as of January 2018.

Salesforce’s latest acquisition Attic Lab is founded by erstwhile founders Aaron Boodman and Rafael Weinstein. They both had extensively worked on Google Chrome Project.


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