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Richard Branson may beat Jeff Bezos in the Space Race – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology 


Richard Branson may beat Jeff Bezos in the Space Race

Two billionaires are locked in a ferocious battle in the final leg of their ambitious quest to reach to the space. Until today, it appeared that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will become the first billionaire and non-astronaut human being to reach space. However, Virgin Galactic on Thursday came out with the surprising announcement that its owner Richard Branson is all set onboard Virgin Galactic spacecraft on July 11. This is almost 9 days earlier to Jeff Bezos’ scheduled space flight on 20th July.


Meet Baby Doge – Elon Musk’s new favorite crypto

Image Source: Flickr

Elon Musk is still not done with Cryptos. At least, not those cryptos that are inspired by meme. After his explosive love affair with Dogecoin earlier this year, Musk has now turned his attention to Baby Doge, which is actually a spin off of Dogecoin. Over the past few hours, Baby Doge’s price has been climbing northwards ever since Musk tweeted few tweets in support of the meme coin.


TikTok Videos are about to get longer

TikTok is rolling out a new update that will allow its users to upload and publish videos of minimum 3 minute. This is three time more than the existing limit of one minute videos currently allowed by TikTok. This new update will help TikTok creators in limiting the number of posting multi-part posts and break-up stories.


Are your Friends becoming extremists, Facebook wants to know 

Image Source: Flickr

According to reports, Facebook is testing a new feature that warns users about the growing extremist content on their account. Reports have also suggested that people have shared Facebook screenshots on their Twitter timelines. These screenshots show that Facebook asking its users “are you concerned that someone you know is becoming extremists.”


Whatsapp may soon permit users to send high-resolution videos

Reports claim that WhatsApp is currently busy testing a feature that would allow users to choose the video quality before sending it to their contacts. Currently, Whatsapp users can’t send high quality videos. High quality videos are often compressed by Whatsapp.

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