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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional: A Reliable Data Recovery Tool

Review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Pros: easy to use, time saving & immensely reliable in recovering data even in the most tough conditions.

Cons: No big drawback to point out, but as they say nothing is ever perfect. Hence we like to believe that EaseUS still has some room to improve on.

I reviewed EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 11.8 (windows version), which is the latest & newest version. EaseUS also offers data recovery solutions for mac machines, but we’ll review that some other day. For this review, we closely scrutinized the latest Wizard pro version to ascertain whether it fulfills the enormous expectations that people invariably have from EaseUs. For users who don’t know,  EaseUs is one of the most trusted and established names in the data recovery market.

So lets get the ball rolling and

Recovery Test      

We obviously cannot ascertain the efficiency of Wizard Professional 11.8, unless we put it through series of tough recovery tests. So we did that and this is what we witnessed.

For our first test, we tried to retract files that were deleted from the recycle bin. These files included images, word documents, zip files and even videos. As expected, this task turned out to be cakewalk for Wizard Pro 11.8. It retracted 100% files from the recycle bin with absolute ease.

Coming to second test, then we thought of making this test little bit more difficult. In this test, we tired to recover files that were deleted during reformatting of my hard disk. Now since reformatting completely replaces the old driver file system with new one, it is never really ease to recover files. My experience says that many good recovery software tools manage to recover only 50% to 60% files in such a complicated situation.

But EaseUs Wizard Pro proved to be too good to fail in such a tricky situation. This is to say that it recovered almost all my files – 100% of all image files, 96% of document files & 91% of video & audio files. The success percentage Is seriously very impressive.

However, I was still not done. After all, I still hadn’t tested one of the main features, which claims to recover entire hard disk partition with absolute ease. Hence I tired EaseUs Wizard Pro 11.8 on a system that had lost a hard disk partition due to crash. Here again I would like to note that retrieving a hard disk partition is not easy even for best recovery software’s.

But again apparently these conventional notions mattered little to EaseUs, as it comfortably retrieved the hard disk partition. I have to admit that this impressive performance removed any doubt that I had about EaseUs Wizard Pro’s efficiency.


User friendly Test

Another important criterion that I used to judge EaseUs, which is true about all other software’s, is how user friendly or easy it is to use this software. Using this criterion is especially very important while judging data recovery software’s, since most people still nurture the belief that data recovery tools are very complicated and not so user-friendly

But this belief would turn out to be a myth once you start using EaseUs Wizard Pro. This is because I found this software to be one of the most user-friendly among all the data recovery software that I have used so far. I mean through this software one can recover all types of data’s in merely few clicks. There is absolutely no need for anyone to have past recovery experience or any expertise knowledge in computer knowledge.  Basic computer knowledge is all that one needs to use this software.

When Wizard Pro 11.8 is opened, all the options are put forward in front of the viewers. Whether they want to retrieve data from internal hard or external disks or want to retrieve an entire partition. Select any option and then start the scan process. You obviously have the choice to stop or pause the scan as and when needed.

There is also a handy feature called preview button that lets you check  if the files that are being scanned are actually the files that are needed to be retrieve or not.

Business Tools

EaseUs Wizard Pro 11.8 offers many features that are especially handy for small/medium and even large businesses. Take for instance the remote control access, which can easily allow your employees to retrieve data’s even from a remote location. If your company uses a RAID system, EaseUS Data Recovery can be run on those as well.

Another very useful feature is that EaseUs can recover data’s and files even when your system fails to boot due to OS crash. This feature can turn out to be a life saver in several critical situations.

Help & Support

EaseUs has put in place a pretty reliable infrastructure for offering topnotch customer service support. It offers standard services like email, live chat and phone service to customers. Besides, the company’s official website offers Self-Service Options that include useful options like User guide, Knowledge Base & FAQs. It is important to note here is that all these self-service options are updated time-to-time by the company.

Summary & Verdict  

Without shred of a doubt, Wizard Professional 11.8 has passed all our tests and criterions with flying colors. True to its name, the software is very easy to use and more importantly boosts success recovery rate of 95% to 100%, which I believe is that highest score among all the data recovery tools that I have tested so far. Admittedly, EaseUse Wizard Pro can fix all your recovery woes in matter of few minutes.

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