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RestCase: A Platform that can Supercharge your API Development process

Company: RestCase

Funding: Bootstrapped

Industry: Software and Application testing

Competitors: and SwaggerHub

Headquarter: Israel

Software testing is unarguably one of the most important components in the entire software development cycle and therefore the importance of API development platform on this front cannot be more overstated. Although today there is certainly no dearth of API development platforms, there is surely a great scarcity of efficient platforms that can supercharge the process of REST API development. The newly founded Israeli based company, RestCase, seeks to fulfill this very critical gap by its intuitive and highly efficient features.

This special review article aims to throw light on these unique features and thereby help in giving credence to RestCase’s claim that today it is amongst the most efficient software testing platforms. RestCase has apparently designed these features after carrying out thorough market research and R&D.

Smart API Mocks Drastically Reduces Software Development Cycle:

With highly efficient features like Smart API Mocks at its disposal, RestCase has all the right to make an audacious claim that it can supercharge the entire process of software development cycle.  Smart API Mocks feature essentially paves way for thorough testing at much earlier stage of the development process, even when critical components are conspicuously absent from system architecture. This obviously facilitates in saving time and fastening the tedious process of software development.

Simple and Uncultured Interface:

RestCase’s interface is so user-friendly that anyone with minimal or zero coding knowledge can use it. In fact, even first time users can start using RestCase for testing purposes within a matter of a few minutes. The simplicity and ease of use of the interface is indeed a major boon as it greatly helps in automating the process of making API requests and testing API responses. Furthermore, a simple and uncluttered interface is as much important for software developers to establish an efficient workflow.

Starting Automatic Testing in a single click:

While easy interface no doubt makes software testing simpler for RestCase’s users, the ‘single click’ feature makes it all the easier. The users have to select their API definitions and then click generate tests. This will instantly initiate the process of Automatic A/B testing and eventually, your API file will be created along with mocking endpoint.

Swift and Visually Rich API Design:

RestCase’s team claims that it has taken a great amount of persistence and perseverance to create their visual editor tool and apparently the positive result is for everyone to see. The highly efficient API editor helps to churn out faster and visually rich API design, with any loss in design and maintaining consistency.

Prompts teamwork and collaboration:

The RestCase platform is completely optimized for collaborative workflow. Multiple teams can work quite seamlessly and effortlessly as they enjoy uninterrupted and centralized access to the platform.

Cons or Weak Points:

Although RestCase boosts an uncultured and simple interface, the platform’s UX still has some scope for improvement and betterment.



RestCase’s intrusive and unique features enable you to tests highly complex applications at a very initial stage itself. This invariably allows to detect bugs and other technical problems very early in the software development cycle, thereby speeding up and simplifying the tedious process of software testing. Based on customer feedback and reviews, it is safe to claim that RestCase is proving to be a sharp player amongst all the competitors out there. With software and mobile applications undeniably becoming critical components in today’s digital age, the presence of such sharp players will augur well for the entire industry.

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