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Reddit is eyeing an IPO in 2022 – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology


Reddit is eyeing an IPO in 2022

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, image courtesy: Flickr

According to exclusive reports published in Reuters, Reddit is proactively seeking investment bankers and lawyers for its IPO next year. Reddit had raised fresh funds barely a month ago at a market valuation of $10 Bn. The company is expected to chase a valuation of nearly $15 Bn in IPO listing. It counts marquee investors like Fidelity Investment, Over the last few months, Reddit had emerged as go to platform for traders chasing meme stocks and this has resultantly helped in raising the popularity of the platform.


Without iPhone connection, Apple’s upcoming VR and AR headset won’t work

Apple symbol
Image Credits: Flickr shaeenhaque

Apple’s much anticipated VR and AR headsets may not work as standalone devices, according to the information published in The Information.  The users won’t get to access the VR and AR headsets’ full fledge features unless they connect it to their iPhone devices. This implies that these headsets will be in similar line with the earliest version of Apple Watch, which also mandatorily required connection with iPhone for accessing its basic functionalities.


Amazon-branded TV to be launched in US in October

Logo of Amazon

If everything goes well then US consumers can buy Amazon-branded TV directly from the shop as early as October (i.e. next month). According to the report in The Insider, Amazon TV will come with screen size ranging  from 55 to 75 inches and Amazon Alexa may also be bundled into the TV. The Insider report claims that Amazon TV’s screen will be manufactured by TCL.


DoorDash’s workers protest outside CEO’s Home

DoorDash workers protested outside the company’s CEO Tony Xu’s home for better work condition and pay. Most of the workers who were part of the protesters were believed to be DoorDash’s delivery boys. Delivery boys are part of the global gig workforce or gig industry, which off late has seen surge in protest over low wage and abysmal working conditions. To know more, click here.   


Virgin Galactic faces Investigation in its milestone July 11 mission

Virgin Atlantic’s scheduled mission in September may not take off until it clears off Federal Civil Administration’s investigation in July 11’s celebrated mission. Although July 11 mission was completed without injuries, it was later found that the spaceplane deviated its trajectory outside the cleared airspace.    

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