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Reddit CEO blasts TikTOK app, calls it ‘Fundamentally Parasitic’


Reddit CEO calls popular video sharing app TikTOK a ‘Parasite’

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, image courtesy: Flickr

The world has gone ga ga over TikTok app but Reddit CEO Steve Huffman had some pretty harsh things to say about the popular video sharing app. Speaking at a panel discussion, Huffman labeled the app as ‘fundamentally parasitic.’ These are pretty harsh terms to use for an app that is used by millions across the world. But Huffman cited privacy concerns to justify his unforgiving comments about the Chinese app.  Reddit CEO said that he is unimpressed and concerned over TIkTok’s blatant practice of fingerprinting to track user’s online activities.


WeWork’s Epic Debacle story will now be showcased in a TV series   

WeWork’s IPO debacle has assumed such an epic proportion that it has become a favorite theme of the television studios. Apple is now the latest to join the bandwagon as it plans to produce a TV series showcasing the spectacular rise and fall of WeWork. According to Variety, Apple has signed co-writers Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello for writing an intriguing story around the rise and fall of WeWork. Once valued around $50 Bn and considered amongst highest valued startups, WeWork began to disintegrate as it geared for an IPO listing last year. Its disintegration was so massive that today the company is valued less than $5Bn.


Apple Plans to Restart China Factory, claims Coronavirus is under control

Apple CEO Tim Cook, image courtesy:

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday told Business Fox that the company will be soon reopening their factories in China, citing that Coronavirus is losing the ground in the world’s most populous country. Cook said that Coronavirus numbers are decreasing every day in China and is pretty optimistic about the entire scenario. Like all other major companies, Apple’s supply chain has witnessed a breakdown ever since coronavirus epidemic broke out in China and other neighboring countries.


 US Actor Steven Seagel Penalized over $330,000 for Cryptocurrency Promotion

Hollywood actor Steven Seagel, image courtesy: Flickr

Hollywood actor Steven Seagel will be soon paying a heavy fine of $330,000 to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). His crime being that he promoted a little known Cryptocurrency called Bitcoiin2Gen and asked people to invest in Bitcoiin2Gen’s ICO in 2018. While trying to hard sell a cryptocurrency to people is surely not a crime but SEC was spooked by Seagel’s failure to disclose about the details of his promised monetary rewards. The popular Hollywood action hero was reportedly promised $250,000 in cash $750,000 worth B2G tokens in exchange of his promotional activities.


Timex’s new GPS Smartwatch boasts 25 days battery life but…..

Image courtesy:

Short battery life is one problem that has plagued people ever since the world has been gripped by smartwatch and smartphone craze.  But if you are planning to buy Timex’s newly launched Ironman R300 GPS then expect to get some major respite from short battery life problem.  Timex’s new smartwatch boast a battery life that lasts as long as 25 days. But there is a catch and this is a pretty big catch. Once the GPS is switched on, the smartwatch’s battery life crashes to merely 20 hours. What a freaking dampener. As for other features, they are pretty decent and you guys can check it on Timex’s official website.  

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