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Rapido’s newly launched auto services clock 1 Mn rides

Bike taxi startup Rapido on Tuesday announced that its newly launched auto services has clocked 1 million rides. The company has managed to achieve this feet within five months of the launch of its auto service.  The startup had launched its auto service in October 2020 and is currently present in 25 cities across the country.

Rapido Auto

Rapido said that it has witnessed highest demand for its auto service in Hyderabad, followed by Delhi and Chennai.

The company has on-boarded 70,000 drivers so far and plans to onboard another 50,000 in next six months. The company has further added that it is open to encourage women to join the Rapido Auto Captain fleet and provide them with an opportunity to earn extra income.

On the completion of 1 Million Rapido Auto rides, Arvind Sanka, Co-Founder, Rapido, said, “In the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic, autos have emerged as a preferred way of commuting after bike taxis. There is a growing demand for safe, affordable and accessible rides, and Rapido Autos fulfill that gap, while also providing a familiarity of experience and standardization of pricing. We will continue to focus on making the service available to all cities Rapido is present in.”

Rapido claims that each Rapido auto comes powered with Rapido’s GPS technology ensuring access to continuous demand from customers around them. Through Rapido Auto, users can track and share their ride in real-time, with their loved ones.

Rapido essentially competes with Bounce, which is the most funded player in the bike taxi space. Rapido had raised $55 Mn as part of its series B round 2019. However, according to reports, Bounce is apparently facing problems in shoring up demands for its services as the company has just laid off nearly 200 employees

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