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Have you ever wondered what do companies such as Zillow, Cloudera, and Lyft have in common? The answer is hidden in their choice of Sales automation SaaS. We are talking about, a sales automation tool used by businesses to improve their lead generation and outreach efficiency.

Without much ado, let’s explore what brings to you:

Smart Email Finder

If you work tirelessly searching for email IDs of your prospects, their phone numbers, and job titles, you’re in for a treat. is a top-rated email finder that engulfs the whole internet to reveal the most precious email IDs of your prospects. You can even add a Chrome extension to simplify the process of finding your next big client’s email and start conversing.

Not interested in a single lead?No worries. In just one click, you have the option to search for the bulk of emails from a single website. After landing on the domain of your prospect, simply click on the extension icon and let do its magic.

You can even visit pages such as Quora and other forum pages to crawl for email IDs. The Chrome extension not only searches the text but also digs deep down to every inch of code present on that page.

You can also search by name and find out email IDs and professional details of your prospect. It empowers you to add that extra bit of advantage, useful in these stiff market conditions. If you already possess a list of leads, you can use this platform to do a search on a spreadsheet as well.

Become an Outreach Guru

 With the help of, you can plan your email outreach in a few simple steps. Once you have the repository of qualified leads, you can set in motion the next stride in client engagement.

You can send your prospects a simple welcome email or even plan drip campaigns. Once you create the flow of automatic email delivery, you can say goodbye to your stressful lifestyle. From here on, you can enjoy the fruits of the latest technology that does all the grunt work for you.

Beautiful and purposeful templates provided by this platform are another strong reason to consider this web app. Your templates are pre-loaded with all critical prospects’ data. So that you don’t need to enter it manually. You can then send these eye-popping, revenue-generating emails through various other service providers. You can use Gmail, Office365, Microsoft Exchange, or your own SMTP server.

Dynamic Sync and Robust Tracking for the Most Fortunate

There are many reasons as to why users love One of them is its ability to sync seamlessly with other devices. It gives you the power and puts you in place of control. From one device, you control the whole ecosystem of your lead generation engine.

You can integrate your campaign with Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and The full integration option sets your sales prospecting on fire.

Information is everything. It drives results and if neglected, it forces your firm to nosedive into oblivion. is here to pull it off for you. You can track almost everything and leave nothing for speculation. Track email open rates, link clicks, track replies, and track conversions through pixel tracker.

Only the most fortunate are able to see what has to offer to them. It’s more than just a one-click email finder. It’s a super-efficient, scalable, and streamlined sales stack for a sales expert or marketer. You can start churning out leads right now with an affordable plan of $99 for 1,000 credits per month. So what’s holding you back? Take the plunge and reap far better returns.

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