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Promoting Your Business? Here’s How Social Media Can Help

Social media is an extremely powerful and the most modern way to promote your business. Many companies are taking advantage of social media sites to promote their products and services. But why? Those sites pave the way to reach a larger audience interested in your business.

They serve as an excellent platform to generate brand awareness for your company. If you have questions about getting started, this article will guide you regarding all vital points in using social media for business promotion.

Social media, especially Facebook, is the most popular source of information for people who are about to make a purchase. Everybody, who buys a product or a service, shares their experience with their friends, family, and followers. People use Facebook or Instagram even to look for products. So why not take advantage of that?

Product Promotion Through Social Media

Social media is a world where everyone competes with each other to get a piece of the pie. Big companies are always looking for innovative ways to expand their brand and buzz around their new products. But what about the small companies which cannot spend millions on paid ads, how can they get attention to their products?

The Internet allows small companies to do it too, and it doesn’t need to be extremely expensive. You don’t need to spend millions on paid ads or celebrity endorsements. You can get the same results by using a simple social media strategy.

And when it comes to promoting a new product, the best way to create a successful campaign is to create a brand in people’s minds before they even see the product.

Blueprint of New Product Campaign

  1. Run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter ads
  2. Create a blog and an online page to sell the product
  3. Do local SEO to make people visit the physical store

Send the product to Instagram nano influencers with less than 6000 followers and make them promote it. They have high engagement with their fans and can easily influence their minds to buy the product.

Advertise on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms to make your brand name reach as many interested followers as possible. Hire a virtual assistant and run Pinterest ads regularly leading to the home page with engaging and attractive content.

Ensure you post versatile content on each social media platform with your logo, and brand name highlighted prominently. Make sure to post at least three posts on each social media platform in a week.

Posting on social platforms is mostly free and does not require much money. And here’s where the rule of 7 comes in handy: in advertising, a customer is likely to buy a product once they see your logo or name nearly seven times in a week. Ensure you use all the free and affordable ways on social media to make your brand appear everywhere to grab the user’s attention.

Leveraging the Social Media Popularity

It is now possible to get your message out to more people in a day than it was in a year 20 years ago. For decades, the biggest marketing campaigns have been on television and radio, but today, social media has changed the way people get information.

Message sharing is instant, reach is instant, and the effort to create engaging content has increased enormously. You can use social media to find those interested in your product, and then they can be targeted through other means.

Use Twitter to find out all the people following your core competitor. Reach out to them and share your product for an affordable price or discount. Share an infographic, an Ad, or video with them for free as it doesn’t cost anything to follow the person and post in your feed.

A person buying top lipstick from a cosmetic company will likely be interested in purchasing a similar product for an affordable price. Find them through Twitter followings, YouTube comments, and Insta engagements easily. Showcase your product to them through direct emails, ads, and offer them discounts if they click on the ad.

Run targeted ads and collect the demographics of customers. Find influencers who can reach them quickly and market your new product through them to the targeted customers. Leverage the enormous reach of social media and the power of the influencers to make your brand name and product well known.

Some new companies don’t know how to approach influences popular on various platforms. Use Nuwber to find the contact details of the influencers and hit them with some interesting and tempting offers. Contacting them directly will allow you to personalize your outreach and find a better solution for each individual separately.

Acquiring Paying Customers Through Social Media

Customers might follow you or not follow you on Twitter and other social media platforms initially. But, frequent ads about your brand appearing wherever they browse, and your interesting and engaging content will often make them follow you sooner or later. Ensure you give coupons, discounts, and other monetary benefits to hook them to your product and create a loyal customer.

Collect their email ID and send them newsletters regarding various offers and informational and educational content. Educating 80% and selling 20% is the thumb rule for converting social media customers into paying clients.

Another easy way to make customers buy products is to set a timer on social media ads. Give them a discount and make them use it within the next ten or fifteen minutes. Create a need so that they will try to buy it before the offer expires. The offer should be too good to miss and target it mostly towards first-time buyers. If they like the product, they will come back to purchase it even without further discounts.


Having a fool-proof social media marketing plan is vital to making the most of your marketing budget. Social media marketing can help you get the word out quickly about a new product or service. If you have struggled to promote your business through social media, follow the tips given above to get a boosted head start.

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