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Pretty soon, you can rent an iPhone with monthly subscription fees

Here are the top trending news from the world of Technology


Pretty soon, you can rent an iPhone with monthly subscription fees

Image source: Pixabay

If Apple has its way then you can pretty soon rent an iPhone by paying a monthly subscription fees. According to Bloomberg, Apple is seriously planning to launch a hardware subscription service either later this year or early next year. As per the report,  the tech giant is of the opinion that launching a subscription service will help in increasing its recurring revenue and also push its stock prices. The reports further claim that the company is equally of the opinion that trend of owning a smartphone is a passe. Apple has so far not commented on this news report (Read more)


Google claims it prevented North Korean Cyber Attack in early 2022

Google’s Threat Analysis Group announced on Thursday that it potentially thwarted cyberattacks engineered by North Korean Groups earlier this year. These North Korean Groups were trying to exploit the remote code in the Google Chrome web browser and were trying to target several U.S industries including news media, IT, fintech and crypto. Google had first detected the malicious activity by the north Korean group as early as February 10th (Read more)


GIF Inventor – Stephen Wilhite – dies due to COVID

Stephen Wilhite, the man who invented internet’s popular short video format (GIF), has died at age 74 due to COVID complication. Although Wilhite  had invented GIF in 1980s, it became a cultural phenomenon only after the explosion of social media and internet’s rapid expansion during the last few decades. Today GIF is almost ubiquitous across internet. Wilhite was awarded Webby lifetime achievement award in 2013 for inventing Gif (Read more)


European Union’s new law is making Tech giants nervous & jittery   

Image Source: Flickr

European Union has proposed a new law that proposes strict do’s and don’ts that every big tech platform will have to mandatorily follow. The new law will be called Digital Markets Act (DMA), which will fine the big tech companies 10% of their annual global turnover if they breach the rules enacted by this law. The fine can reach up to 20% if there is a repeat violation. The law also mandates American big tech companies to cooperate with European developers and third party companies. This new law, which is yet to be passed, will be applicable on all the big technology firms like Google, Meta and Apple (Read more).


Uber puts iconic NYC Taxis on its app

Image Source: Flickr

Those yellow cabs plying across the New York Street has almost become synonymous with New York city. Now New Yorkers can directly rent those yellow taxis from their Uber app. Uber has struck an agreement that will allow the ride-hailing company to put nearly 14,000 NYC taxis on rent on its app. Uber believes that this agreement will help the company in overcoming the problem of driver shortage problem, a problem that got exacerbated during pandemic (Read more)

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