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Pressfarm – Growing Media Database Search Tool

Pressfarm is a growing media database search tool which helps startup owners and entrepreneurs to find journalists that can write quality reviews and content about their start-ups. With the help of their filter-based search engine, you can choose from more than 23,000 qualified journalists for your start-up. The filter-enabled media outreach platform allows entrepreneurs and start-up founders to search for journalists from various categories, niches and publications that are best suited for your start-up.

You can save a lot of time and avoid the tiresome process of browsing through web pages to find suitable journalists’ contacts. You can get the necessary support you need curating a list of journalists whom you wish to contact regarding your start-up content. Pressfarm also offers assistance in submitting your start-up information to review sites, communities and start-up directories.

Once you create an account and subscribe to their services which cost $18 a month, you can get a curated list of email addresses of top journalists working for major publications such as The New York Times, Re/code, Business Insider, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal etc. The free account provides access only to the names and Twitter handles of the journalists. They also have a client support team who can help curate a list of journalists who are especially interesting in writing about your start-up. They believe in narrowing down the field to journalists who are likely interested rather than sending mass emails to all the journalists.

You can choose journalists from various categories such as Technology, Arts and Entertainment, Business and Finance, Education, Health and Fitness, Fashion, Politics, Food and Dining etc. With their starter pack that costs $18.00 per month, you can get access to unlimited search results, priority email support, contact information of 100 journalists per month and submit your start-up to 20+ start-up directories and review websites. They also have a Launch pack which has a one-time cost of $149 and is suitable for businesses seeking to generate consistent press, SEO and growth. Their Campaign pack which costs $279 is ideal for newly launched start-ups with an innovative product and looking to raise funds.


Their business model is software-as-a-service and is a great journalist search tool for start-up founders and entrepreneurs. Pressfarm is a slick and elegant website designed using the Bootstrap framework and Stripe online payment platform. Since it is designed using Bootstrap framework which has the most popular front-end component library, their website is very responsive with an intuitive user-interface. Pressfarm offers a tailored list of journalists and does not work like an average website which provides thousands of journalist email addresses who might not really be interested in your start-up.

Pressfarm provides you access to contact information of more than 23,000 journalists whom you can reach out directly to write about your start-up. They have a skilled team of professional writers and Account managers who can help you craft your pitch to make it perfect. They will take additional measures to ensure that you get the best use of their journalist contacts and PR without involving the agency cost. With Pressfarm you can save a lot of time and effort that gets wasted in searching for journalists’ contacts. You can get access to best practices for start-up growth, PR and other useful tips from their growth blog.

More than 4500 brands trust Pressfarm as of today and their customer base is increasing steadily. Their journalist database also keeps growing constantly with more and more journalist contacts getting added every day.  Pressfarm also has more than 155,000 social media followers and is a great resource for your PR, SEO and start-up growth. If you are a founder looking to promote your startup through quality content, then Pressfarm is the right place to find suitable journalists of your choice.

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