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Post Zomato Fallout, TechEagle launches Drone Services for Healthcare Products in Ethiopia

In June this year, TechEagle had hogged media limelight for the cancelation of its acquisition deal with Zomato. Many theories were floated around over what really led to the revocation of the deal, with some sources claiming that the two companies simply could not find a common ground over their long term ambition.

Now almost two months after Zomato fiasco, TechEagle has decided to spread its wings into the international market. The company on Monday announced that it is launching a fully automated and intelligent urban & suburban commercial drone network in Ethiopia. It has struck a partnership deal with Ethiopia‘s homegrown logistic company, Addis Mercato, for launching its service in the African country. This service will mainly cater to delivering healthcare products across Ethiopia.

The company claims that its commercial drone network in Ethiopia will help in faster delivery of healthcare products like blood components, vaccine, anti-venom, medical samples etc. during emergency situations.

Mr. Vikram Singh Meena, Founder of TechEagle ​said​,“​We are excited to enable drone delivery flights in Ethiopia with our esteemed partner Addis Mercato. With safe and secure airs pace integration of TechEagle’s drones; this marks a new beginning in building air logistics for making health care more accessible and efficient last mile logistics in smart cities.”

“With today’s launch we firmly believe that drone delivery is the present and future of last mile logistics. We look forward to working with Addis Mercato in building the eco-system for a multi-dimensional drone delivery network in Ethiopia,” he added.

When Techpluto last spoke with Mr. Vikram in the aftermath of Zomato fallout, he did give a hint that the company is venturing in the healthcare and essential delivery market but didn’t mention anything about the company’s plan to enter the Ethiopian market.

“TechEagle has already started working with a few partners in Healthcare and Essential Logistics. Healthcare is on topmost priority because of the COVID19 crisis, we are working on enabling Drone-based Delivery Network for emergency healthcare items (i.e.- Blood, Vaccine, etc.) to save lives,” he told Techpluto back in June.

TechEagle’s founder has also confirmed that the company is in talks with investors to raise funds but did not shed light on the funding size. As per our records, TechEagle has so far not raised any funds from external investors.

Founded in 2017, TechEagle was one of the first companies to get MoCA and DGCA approvals for conducting 100 hours of BVLOS trails for package delivery in India.

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