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Polycred: E-mail alias Generator That Takes Charge of Your Inbox Privacy

Name: Polycred

What does it do: Generates and manages e-mail alias

Location: Canada

Founders: Patrick O Brien and Aaron Lefkowitz

Year of inception: 2021

Despite all the technological advancements in the future, it is pretty safe to presume that e-mail services will never ever become redundant. It is, therefore, critical to have a tool that takes your mail and so does your business to the next level. Among all things important, in today’s age of data privacy, nothing is probably more important than the security and privacy of your mail. Raise your hands and say a loud cheer to Polycred. An e-mail management company based in Canada, Polycred takes charge of your inbox privacy by efficiently generating and managing e-mail alias.

Apart from privacy, the e-mail alias is immensely useful for many other purposes, and Polycred claims to fulfill these purposes with impressive diligence.  Below we’ve briefly shed light on Polycred’s wide range of features that invariably will provide a better understanding of the concept of e-mail alias, just in case someone is not aware.

Main Features of Polycred

Customize your e-mail alias

Polycred’s instant e-mail alias generator can give an edge to small businesses and startups by helping them to customize their e-mail alias in accordance with different roles and departments and thereby appear more professional. For instance, with Polycred you can instantly create different e-mail aliases for departments like finance, HR, and sales and give that much-needed professional touch to your startup.

No restriction on the number of e-mail alias

Polycred does not place any restriction on the number of e-mail alias. This obviously means that you can create as many e-mail aliases as you want for your business or personal purposes.      

Ends nagging problem of spam mails

Polycred makes spam-free inbox a reality. With its service at your disposal, your inbox will forever become free of spam emails and your inbox will only receive important mails.

Flexible e-mail destinations

This tool ensures that each and every e-mail alias generated can be relayed to whatever e-mail destination you want. This simply means that all your e-mail aliases need not be configured to only a single email.

Protects your identity

Reply from your personal inbox but without revealing your personal or official e-mail address to the recipient. This invaluable feature will help in protecting your e-mail addresses against marketers and hackers.

Other Features

Apart from the above main features, Polycred also offers a plethora of other great features. These features have mentioned below;

  • Disabling and deleting e-mail aliases with a single click
  • Compatible with all e-mail service provider as well as the password manager
  • Creates email aliases directly on Polycred’s sign up page
  • Easily auto-fills email aliases linked to the website you’re using


Polycred is available in three pricing plans including the fermium plan. The other two plans include the Pro plan that starts with Pro monthly $2.99 and the Pro-yearly plan that starts with $29.98.


An efficient Instant E-mail alias generator tool is the need of the hour especially for cash-strapped small businesses and startups that want to drop their business in a professional appearance. Not to mention that such a tool is a boon for protecting your email against spam and more serious offenses like hacking. Polycred perfectly fits this bill. What really goes well with this tool is that all its awesome features are packed in affordable packages.

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