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OpenAI’s Sora is Heading to Hollywood

Here are today’s top tech trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI’s Sora is Heading to Hollywood

According to reports, OpenAI is heading to Hollywood to showcase their latest creation ‘Sora.’ OpenAI is soon planning to start approaching and pitching their text-to-video tool to leading Hollywood studios. This has made some in the industry really excited about the potential to revolutionize filmmaking, while others like technicians and artists are concerned about their job displacement. Sora could potentially change the way movies are made, making special effects or creating entire scenes much faster and potentially cheaper. For all those who don’t know, Sora can generate movie-trailers & quality visuals from just a few lines of text.


With eye on China, Apple may collaborate with Baidu for AI partnership

To boost its AI ambition, Apple is reportedly holding talks with China’s search engine giant Baidu. The talks reportedly focused on potentially integrating Baidu’s generative AI models into Apple devices, specifically those sold in China. Tailoring AI features for the Chinese market with Baidu’s local knowledge could prove beneficial for Apple. Besides, it could also help Apple in navigating China’s stringent AI regulations. This news has come at a time when US and China are witnessing tension over AI technology. The Biden administration recently banned the export of AI chips to Chinese tech companies. However, it must be noted that talks between Apple and Baidu are still in preliminary stages and hence there is no guarantee whether this partnership will materialize.


Stability AI CEO Steps Down to focus on ‘Decentralized AI’

Stability AI is getting unstable day by day. In the latest setback for the generative AI startup, its CEO Emad Mostaque has stepped down from his position. Mostaque’s resignation has come amid the departure of several senior employees from the company. he reportedly wants to now focus on “decentralized AI.” This could mean exploring ways to make AI development and access more distributed and less reliant on centralized companies. It’ll be interesting to see how this all unfolds and what impact it has on the future of AI development. Stability AI has been at the forefront of open-source generative AI. Its most well-known product is Stable Diffusion, a powerful AI model that can generate realistic and creative images from just a text description.


China bans Intel and AMD processors in government offices

China has reportedly implemented new government procurement guidelines that aim to phase out US-made microprocessors from Intel and AMD in government computers and servers. The guidelines reportedly also target other US tech giants, including Microsoft’s Windows operating system and foreign database software. This could have a major impact on Intel, AMD, and Microsoft, as China is a huge market. It could also accelerate China’s development of domestic chipmakers and software companies. However, it’s unclear how quickly and effectively China can replace these established technologies with domestic alternatives. However, this development potentially could have deep ramification for the global tech industry.


Threads forays into Live Sports Scores, starting with the NBA

Meta’s Twitter like platform Threads has decided to foray into the world of live sports scores. It will start this feature with NBA. NBA fans can now check in on their favorite NBA team and see the latest scores directly within Threads. While the NBA gets the initial spotlight, Threads has promised to add support for other sports leagues in the future. This move positions Threads as a competitor to platforms like X, which have offered live sports scores for years. Whether Threads can carve out a niche in this space with its focus on close-knit communities remains to be seen

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