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OpenAI’s Board gets a Veto Power to hold back the Release of AI model

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI’s Board gets a veto power to hold back the release of AI model

In what is a pretty bold decision, OpenAI’s board has been empowered with overriding power to hold back the launch of a new AI model in future if it deems the AI model as unsafe and risky for the mankind. Since this is almost a veto power, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman cannot challenge their decision. The timing of this decision is quite conspicuous, since it comes weeks after Altman was reinstated as the CEO following his dramatic ouster. That said, this decision signifies a shift away from centralized decision-making by Altman and also gives the board much need power to mitigate unforeseen risks that could affect the entire mankind. This decision could also lay down the precedence for increase transparency and accountability in the AI industry.


Pakistan’s jailed ex-PM Imran Khan uses ‘AI’ to address his supporters

Pakistan’s ex-PM, who is currently behind bars over corruption charges, used a popular AI clone tool ElevenLabs to address his supporters across Pakistan. The speech was 4 minutes long and voice during the speech had lot resemblance to the original voice of Imran Khan. For all those who don’t know, ElevenLabs converts text to speech with the help of AI voice generator. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in political campaigns is a rapidly growing trend and the Imran Khand incident is the latest example of it. In Fact, Imran Khan could be possibly be the first jailed politician to use AI to reach out to his supporters.


Adobe gives up on $20 Bn Figma deal amid regulatory deadlock

Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign

Adobe has abandoned its $20 billion acquisition of Figma, a cloud-based design platform, after encountering regulatory hurdles in Europe and the United Kingdom. The deal, which was announced in September 2023, would have been one of the largest software acquisitions ever. The European Commission and UK’s anti-trust body had launched investigation into the deal, claiming that the acquisition could hamper the competition in the design software market, where Adobe already owns a dominant position. Adobe said that it has “concluded that it is not possible to resolve the concerns of Uk’s anti -trust body and the European Commission in a timely manner and hence decided to give up on Figma all together.


Apple’s Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 to take break from US market        

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Apple’s latest smartwatch models, the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, are taking an unexpected break from the US market. As of December 21st, they will no longer be available for purchase online or in Apple retail stores within the United States. This decision stems from a patent dispute with medical tech company Masimo regarding the blood oxygen sensing technology used in the watches. The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled in Masimo’s favor, but the decision is currently under review by the US President. This situation highlights the complexities of intellectual property in the tech industry and the potential impact on consumer product availability.


TikTok updates its app for tablets and foldable devices

In a bid to rival YouTube’s dominance on larger screens, TikTok has rolled out a much-needed update for tablets and foldable devices. This update brings a slew of improvements designed to optimize the app for these formats, including streamlined navigation bars at the top and bottom of the app, support for landscape mode and refined video feed. These changes are a significant step forward for TikTok, which has previously been criticized for its awkward tablet and foldable app experience. By addressing these concerns, TikTok is making a strong play for users who prefer to consume content on larger screens.






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