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OpenAI wants to defeat ‘election misinformation’ with a New Tool

Here is today top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI wants to defeat ‘election misinformation’ with a new tool

OpenAI has just made a big announcement that it will soon launch a new tool to defeat the misinformation problem during the 2024 U.S. Presidential elections. This new AI tool will use the cryptography technique to find out the original source of the image generated by DALL-E 3. This will enable the platform to better detect the AI-generated images, which could then help voters to asses the reliability of the image. OpenAI hasn’t given any specific name to this tool. Other big tech companies like Google and Meta have also launched similar tools to deal with misinformation problem durigtarte the upcoming US presidential election.


Microsoft launches Co-pilot-Pro with advanced features

There is an exciting news for the Co-pilot users. Microsoft has just announced a new paid plan for Co-pilot. Known as the Co-pilot Pro, it will charge $20 per month to unlock several advanced AI features. These features include giving faster AI responses and results and generating custom images with more accurate details and extra control. Users will also get access to Copilot in Microsoft 365 app. That’s not all. Microsoft has also unveiled Copilot GPT, which will allow you to customize Copilot around specific topics like finance, travel and cooking. In another big announcement, Copilot IOS and Android app are now available to everyone, following a limited launch last month.


Is Tesla Robot’s latest video fake?

Elon Musk’s tweet has yet again sparked a huge public debate. Very recently, Musk posted a new video of Tesla’s humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ folding a black T shirt, apparently without any assistance. This new capability of Tesla’s robot certainly looked very impressive. However, Musk followed this video with another tweet, claiming that Tesla’s robot cannot perform this task all by himself but can do it in near future. This tweet immediately sparked a public debate whether this video is fake or real. Musk so far hasn’t commented on the authenticity of the video. For all those who don’t known it was barely a month ago that Tesla had unveiled its most advanced humanoid robot.


Musk wants 25% voting control at Tesla for pursuing his AI Goal

Elon Musk recently made a big statement about his desire to increase his stake in Tesla from his current 13% to 25%, which would effectively give him voting control in Tesla’s boardroom. Musk said that this would help in pursing ambitious AI goals. The tech billionaire warned that he would rather build the AI products outside of Tesla if he doesn’t get the 25% control. Achieving 25% voting control would likely require acquiring additional shares, potentially facing resistance from other shareholders. If this situation doesn’t get resolved amicably then could cause a fresh tension between Musk and Tesla’s existing investors.


Uber to Shut Down its Alcohol Delivery Service

how to delete uber eats account

Uber is shutting down its Alcohol Delivery Service app, Drizly, from March 31, 2024. From this date, Drizly won’t operate as a standalone app but will be integrated into Uber Eats, which would allow Uber Eats users to order alcohol alongside food and other items. This latest decision also involves shutting down Uber’s grocery shopping app, Cornershop. Similar to Drizly, its features will be folded into Uber Eats for a unified delivery experience.  Overall, this move seems to be a part of Uber’s cost-cutting strategy and also to give a more streamlined and comprehensive experience to its UberEat customers.

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