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OpenAI unveils a new flagship model GPT-4o & it is free for all ChatGPT users

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI unveils a new flagship model GPT-4o and it is free for all ChatGPT users

OpenAI on Monday unveiled GPT-4o, its latest flagship model that stands for offering “GPT-4 level intelligence” but with several key improvements. Its greatest USP is that it can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time. Its reasoning abilities will be reflected through real-time chat, which means users can ask any queries and they will receive the response with minimal delay, making interaction more like talking to a real person. GPT-4o will be reportedly available in functional in 50 languages. But the more fantastic news is that this new model will be available to all ChatGPT users for free. However, ChatGPT users will have to wait for few weeks before they get the access to GPT-4o.


ChatGPT to get a Mac Desktop app  

Starting from today, 13th May, 2024, OpenAI has started rolling out new Mac desktop app for ChatGPT. However, currently, this app will be available only to ChatGPT Plus users ChatGPT’s Mac app will come with many unique features like supporting voice interaction, allowing users to directly converse with ChatGPT through their microphones. Users can also take screenshots and trigger a discussion within the app, which can potentially simplify tasks involving analysis. While the launch of a dedicated Mac app is great, OpenAI still hasn’t shed any light when it plans to launch a standalone windows app.


Apple launches iOS 17.5 with ‘Bluetooth detection’ feature

Apple on Monday launched its IOS 17.5 operating system with several key updates. But the feature that is getting all the attention is the ‘cross-platform tracking detection’ feature, which will automatically notify iPhone users if it detects any unwanted Bluetooth tracking device travelling with them. Among other features, users can now access saved articles of Apple News even without internet connection. App developers in European Union will also be allowed to offer downloads directly on their websites, bypassing the App Store in some cases. Overall, iOS 17.5 is a security and privacy-focused update with some additional convenience features. The cross-platform tracking detection, developed jointly with Google, is a major step towards giving users more control over their data and safety.


Google’s 3D video conferencing platform, Project Starline, is arriving in 2025   

Google’s Project Starline, which allows participants to see each other in 3D, fostering a more natural and immersive feeling of presence, is likely to arrive in the market next year. Project Starline almost gives you a feeling that all the participants are having a meeting in the same room. Engineers working on this project believe that this technology can enhance engagement, improve non-verbal communication, and potentially reduce video conferencing fatigue. To bring this project to market, Google has partnered with HP, leveraging their hardware expertise for wider adoption. Overall, Project Starline could revolutionize video conferencing with its wholesome 3D experience and could have a major impact on how we communicate and collaborate remotely.

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