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OpenAI to allow Developers to build ChatGPT into their apps

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI to allow Developers to build ChatGPT into their apps

OpenAI, the company behind the viral online chatbot tool ChatGPT, has now launched developers API for ChatGPT. The new ChatGPT AI will be based on the same AI model, which basically implies that the developers can either add completely unchanged or improved version of ChatGPT into their apps. The ChatGPT API is available at $0.002 per 1,000 tokens (about 750 words). Additionally, software developers with deep pocketed budget can utilize more tokens than the standard API allows by opting for dedicated capacity option. Lastly, apart from making further improvement in ChatGPT, developers can use the API for making non-chat software.


TikTok ban in U.S. clears Congressional Test

how to remove a filter from a saved tiktok video

In a major setback for TikTok, the American Congress’ The House Foreign Affairs Committee has voted for a legislation that would give President Joe Biden the right to unilaterally ban TikTok in the U.S. This legislation, which seeks to ban all the apps owned by the Chinese companies, has been officially titled as Deterring America’s Technologies Adversaries (DATA) Act. But not all is lost for TikTok and other Chinese apps. The legislation still has to pass many crucial hurdles including the fact that it needs to pass through the Senate before it becomes a full-fledge law. Although TikTok recently has been frequently facing increasing public scrutiny in the U.S over data collecting practices, some American lawmakers still believe that banning TikTok will prove to be detrimental for the U.S.


Elon Musk says ‘AI gives him Stress’

While everyone is going gaga over artificial intelligence ever since ChatGPT took the internet by storm, Musk has a different opinion about AI. Concluding his three-hour long speech on Tesla Investors day on Tuesday, Musk said that “AI stresses him out.” Musk’s critical statement implied that there is a need for the government to regulate artificial intelligence, strongly indicating that AI has a dark side to it and therefore it needs to be controlled. When asked by an analyst if AI could help Tesla build cars in future, Musk clearly took a pessimistic stance. He said “I don’t see AI helping us make cars anytime soon.”


Google backed Robotaxi Waymo opts for second layoff

Waymo, the robotaxi backed by Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc, has laid off almost 150 employees. The self-driving company has confirmed the news to news agency Reuters. This is second time that the company has announced layoffs in recent months, taking the total lay off numbers to 209 or 8% of its total workforce. Few days back, Waymo had announced that it would test driverless rides with employees in the Los Angeles region. Waymo competes with many self-driving companies including Aurora Innovation, which is backed by ride-hailing giant Uber.


Netflix is down for thousands of users

Streaming giant Netflix faced a outage on Thursday, impacting more than 2,000 users worldwide. Although the number of affected users could be much more, the exact intensity of outage is still not known. Outage tracking website claimed that it has received around 1,800 complaints about Netflix’s outage. Netflix has so far not commented on this matter.

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