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OpenAI now allows ChatGPT to be used for Military Warfare

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI now allows ChatGPT to be used for Military Warfare

OpenAI made a pretty significant announcement last week. OpenAI announced that it will now allow ChatGPT to be used in military and warfare purposes. The revised policy does not specifically mention what all tasks ChatGPT will be fulfilling in the military and the warfare filed. However, the company’s revised policy explicitly mentions that ChatGPT won’t be used for developing weapons. OpenAI’s decision has sparked a major concern about the increased risk of military and state actors using ChatGPT for tasks like propaganda, misinformation, or targeting civilians. Military is a highly lucrative industry and it seems that OpenAI does not want to overlook the military industry as it seeks to increase its profitability.


Apple To Shut Down AI And Siri Team in San Diego: Report

Apple has bad news for its employees working in the AI and Siri team in San Diego. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant has decided to merge its San Diego team with its Austin office and has asked all the 121 employees working in the San Diego to shift to Austin by the end of January. Employees who are unwilling to shift the location will be asked to leave the company. Reports claim that most employees are not willing to shift to Austin, which means they will be most probably leaving the company. For those employees who do agree relocate, Apple will be reportedly giving them extra benefits including six months of free health insurance and $7,000 stipend.


FedEx is building its own e-commerce platform

Image Credits: FedEx

In a highly interesting development, the delivery and courier giant FedEx has announced that it is entering the e-commerce arena with its own all-in-one platform called fdx. The platform is slated for launch later this year. Fdx will provide sellers with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their online businesses, from attracting customers to fulfilling orders and handling returns. The company said that it will be specifically targeting the Autumn season for the official launch. Overall, this is a bold move by FedEx and only time will tell whether its gamble pays off. The e-commerce industry is a highly competitive industry and its success will depend on FedEx’s ability to overcome the challenges it faces and deliver on its promises.


Google bans Binance & other crypto stores from India store

In yet another big setback for the crypto industry, Google is banning the apps of Binance and other crypto apps from its Indian play store. This means that now Indian users can no longer download popular crypto apps from the Google play store. Existing users with downloaded apps may still be able to use them for now, but future updates might not be available. This move could serve a significant blow to the growth of the crypto market in India and discourage potential investors. Indian government argues that crypto apps like Binance are being increasingly used for money laundering purposes and hence ban on them was necessary.


OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman is Married Now

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is officially married now. He tied the knot with his longtime partner, Oliver Mulherin, in an intimate ceremony on a tropical beach. The ceremony took place on 26th October.  The news spread quickly after photos emerged on social media, showing the happy couple surrounded by palm trees and a small group of guests. The news of Sam Altman’s marriage came as a major surprise to most people as Altman has always kept his personal life secret and away from the media glare. Overall, this is a joyous occasion for Sam Altman, who very recently faced several challenges on the professional front.

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