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OpenAI is not launching a search engine (at least not yet)

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI is not launching a search engine (at least not yet)

All those frenetic rumors about OpenAI’s imminent launch of a search engine have been shot down by Sam Altman himself. Last week on Friday, OpenAI’s CEO posted on his X handle that the forthcoming launch has nothing to do with GPT 5 or a search engine but rather it has to do with some ‘important updates’ about ChatGPT and GPT 4. Altman also claimed in his tweet that he personally felt that these updates worked like magic but didn’t shed any light on these updates, choosing to keep it secret. OpenAI will be making announcement about these updates through a special event that will be live streamed on OpenAI’s official website on Monday at 10 am.


Xiaomi to launch two new foldable phones – Mix Fold 4 and Mix Flip – later this year

According to the Chinese media, Xiaomi will be expanding its foldable smartphone lineup by launching two new products ‘Mix Fold 4’ and ‘Mix Flip’ in the third quarter of the current year. Both these phones are expected to come with better upgrades than Mix Fold 3, which is Xiaomi’s current offering in the foldable segment. For instance, according to the rumors, Mix Fold 4 is likely to feature even better cameras, a more powerful processor, and potentially further refinements to the hinge design. Mix Flip, on other hand, is rumored to be Xiaomi’s first foldable phone with a vertical folding design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series. This would offer a more compact phone that unfolds into a larger screen.


UK rolls out first-ever state backed AI safety tool


The UK government has made a big announcement in the field of AI safety by launching its AI safety platform called ‘inspect.’ The special thing about ‘inspect’ is that it is the first government backed AI safety platform that will be available for global users. It will allow developers, academicians, startups and even international governments to test their AI models and asses whether these AI models are safe for public use or not. Inspect will convey this assessment through a safety score, which will be generated after examining AI model’s core knowledge, reasoning abilities, and autonomous functionalities. Although the real impact of Inspect remains to be seen, this is a welcome step by UK government to promote AI safety and the responsible use of artificial intelligence.


Neuralink’s first Human Brain implant faces setback

Neuralink’s first brain implant patient Noland Arbaugh is no longer performing simple-to-complex tasks as smoothly. This after Neuralink’s chip seem to have detached from Arbaugh’s brain, resulting in adverse impact on patient’s overall functionality. Nearly a month ago s Neuralink’s first ever brain implantation operation created a sensation after it showed Arbaugh successfully playing a chess game. However, with latest setback, it seems that the brain-computer interface implantation still has a long way to go. It will be interesting to see how Neuralink responds to this challenge. According to reports, Arbaugh’s overall health is safe and does not face any imminent danger to his life.

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