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OpenAI Debuts DALL-E 3 for Accurate and more High-Quality images

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.

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OpenAI Debuts DALL-E 3 for Accurate and more High-Quality images

OpenAI on Wednesday gave a sneak preview of DALL-E 3, the latest version of its image generation tool. With this latest update, users can summon and control DALL-E 3 with the help of ChatGPT and will be able to generate more high-quality images. Additionally, the company claims that the updated version can generate more high-quality images and also correct images that will accurately reflect the user’s prompts. Speaking further about the accurate images, OpenAI said that DALL-E 3 is significantly better at understanding the intention of the prompt, especially the longer prompts. Currently, in beta testing, DALL-E 3 will be publicly available in the next few weeks. The company plans to make it available for ChatGPT+ and enterprise customers in October itself.


Amazon incorporates Generative AI features into Echo

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Image Credits: Amazon Dot

In its annual 2023 Devices and Services event, Amazon announced new generative AI features that will be available across its Echo Family devices. Thanks to these AI features, Echo will become more conversational with users and generate and informative responses. Apart from being conversational and generating informative responses, Echo devices can now also fulfil creative tasks like writing a poem, compose a piece of music, or generate a personalized story for users. All these AI features will be powered by Amazon’s Let’s Talk AI model,  which has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code. However, Amazon is still in the early stages of integrating generative AI features into Echo devices and, therefore, it is not known when these features will be officially launched in the market.


GitHub’s AI Chatbot is now available for Individual Subscribers

GitHub announced on Wednesday that its AI coding chatbot, Co-pilot Chat, is now available for individual subscribers in Visual Studio and VS Code. The individual subscribers will be charged $10 per month for this service. Co-pilot Chat functions very similar to ChatGPT and helps developers in fulfilling various tasks like writing code and refactoring existing code, debugging and fixing bugs and learning new programming languages and frameworks. Additionally, it can also help developers in generating creative text formats, such as poems, code, scripts, and musical pieces. Before today’s announcement, GitHub’s Co-pilot Chat was only available to organizations and companies  not individual subscribers.


Facebook changes its logo (But you could hardly spot the difference)

Facebook has unveiled a new logo. However, most people would probably find it hard to spot the difference between the new logo and old logo. The old logo is just as similar to the new one except the fact that that the dark blue color has become darker and the lowercase ‘f’ has few subtle tweaks. Meta has said that it wanted to create a refreshed design of the Facebook logo that was bolder, electric and everlasting. Most people on the social media platforms haven’t reacted very positively to this development. Many have argued that since the old and new logo has hardly any difference, redesigning the logo was an unnecessary exercise.


AI Music Stream Platform – – to be launched soon, a new streaming platform and marketplace exclusively for AI-generated music, is all set to be launched in matter of few hours. will allow creators to upload their own AI-generated tracks to the platform. This platform can prove to be a game-changer for AI generated music as this is the first platform in the world that is dedicated to such type of music. is hopeful that its effort will bring dignity and legitimacy to AI generated music, more so because it has often been in news for copyright violation and not able to match with human artists in terms of creativity. if indeed becomes successful and gets lot of love from music lovers then it will help to legitimize and promote AI-generated music as a new and exciting art form.


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