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OpenAI being Accused of training ChatGPT with ‘Stolen Data’

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OpenAI being Accused of training ChatGPT with ‘Stolen Data’

A California based law firm Clarkson Law Firm has filed a class lawsuit on behalf of 16 plaintiffs against OpenAI. The lawsuit accuses ChatGPT’s parent company of illegally scrapping the data from internet to train ChatGPT. It alleges that OpenAI trained ChatGPT using data collected from millions of social media comments, blog posts and Wikipedia articles without seeking proper consent from them. Although this lawsuit is still in its initial stages, if these allegations are proven true then OpenAI will have to pay hefty fine amounting to billions of dollars. Even though OpenAI has become a global sensation, it continues to face mounting pressure over data privacy.


After Meta, Google to Block News Service in Canada

Search giant Google has said that it will no longer provide news links in its search results in Canada in response to a new law that is expected to come into effect pretty soon. This new law, known as Online News Act, mandates internet giants like Google to pay Canadian news publishers for showing news links in its search results. Barely a week ago, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta had taken a similar decision. Companies like Google and Meta have been critical of this law, arguing that it is unfair and will stifle innovation. But Canada argue that this law will help in reviving its struggling news publishing industry.


The first fully A.I.-Generated Drug enters Clinical Trial

Insilico Medicine, a Hongkong based biotech startup, has announced that it has used the world’s first fully AI-generated drug called INS018_055 in a human patient during phase 2 clinical trial. The INS018_055, which has been designed by using Insilico’s generative AI platform, will be used for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis or IPF. IPF is a chronic lung disease that results in progressive and irreversible decline in lung function. If INS018_055 succeeds during the clinical trail then it will be considered as a major milestone for AI-driven drug discovery. This is a first time that a fully AI-generated drug has entered Phase II clinical trials.


Microsoft adds AI powered Shopping Tools to Bing and Edge


Microsoft has announced that it will add slew of AI powered shopping features to its new Bing search engine and the Bing AI chatbot in the Edge Sidebar. One of its useful features is the ‘Buying Guides’ wherein Bing will instantly generate buy guides tailored to consumers’ shopping-related searches. Additionally, Bing will also help in ‘product comparison’ and ‘price comparison’ and eventually help consumers in selecting right products. Microsoft is hopefully that adding AI powered tools to Bing will help its search engine to create more buzz in the market.


Pokémon Maker opts for Massive Layoff  

Niantic, the developer of the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, has announced it is laying off 230 employees, which is almost quarter of its entire workforce. The company also announced that it is canceling the game NBA All-World and yet to be released Marvel-based title. Niantic’s CEO John Hanke said that these tough decisions were necessary to help the company steamroll through economic challenging facing the mobile gaming industry. Apart from Niantic, other mobile gaming companies like Kabam, Rovio, and Zynga have also recent announced layoffs.

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