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Nvidia unveils world’s most powerful AI chip – Blackwell

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Nvidia unveils world’s most powerful AI chip – Blackwell

At its annual GTC conference on Monday, Nvidia unveiled its new AI processor, the Blackwell, which could prove to be a major gamechanger in the AI computing world. This new chip boasts a whopping 208 billion transistors, making it significantly faster than all its predecessors. This advancement is expected to solidify Nvidia’s position at the forefront of AI technology and benefit tech giants like Amazon and Google by allowing for faster development of AI applications. Additionally, Nvidia also launched Nvidia NIM, a new software platform aimed at streamlining the deployment of custom and pre-trained AI models into production environments.


All AI Generated Videos on YouTube now needs a ‘disclosure’  

There is a big breaking news for all YouTube content creators. Starting from March 18, 2024, creators uploading videos to YouTube need to disclose if their content features any AI-generated elements that could be mistaken for real. Creators need to disclose the use of generative AI or other methods to create videos with realistic-looking people, places, or events. Disclosures could be displayed through labels in the video description or even on the video player itself, depending on the video’s content. This new policy aims to combat potential misinformation and deepfakes by making viewers aware of AI-generated content. It could also help in building trust between creators and viewers by fostering transparency.


Tech giant Fujitsu gets hacked, confirms data breach

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has confirmed a data breach after a cyberattack on their systems. The identity of hackers is still not known. The company believes hackers might have stolen personal and customer information, but the exact details are still under investigation. As of now, there also is no information about how many people are affected, or if the breach is limited to their Japanese offices. Fujitsu has isolated the affected systems from their network to prevent further damage. This is a developing story, so further and updated information is still awaited.


Google researchers launches ‘VLOGGER’ – AI tool that converts still photos into videos

Google researchers recently unveiled a groundbreaking AI system called VLOGGER that can generate realistic videos from a single still photo. It generates a video where the person in the photo appears to be speaking the words in the audio clip, complete with facial expressions, head movements, and even hand gestures. While VLOGGER can’t handle complex environments or extensive motions yet, it produces surprisingly realistic and temporally consistent videos with high-quality images. This tool is still in development stage. Although this AI tool’s potential is promising, its capabilities also raise concerns about deepfakes and the spread of misinformation.


Microsoft will host dedicated event on Windows & Surface AI in May


Microsoft will be holding a special event focused on Windows and Surface devices with a heavy emphasis on Artificial Intelligence on May 20th, 2024. Rumors suggest announcements regarding new Surface devices, possibly including the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, which might be powered by next-generation AI-optimized processors from Qualcomm. Microsoft is also expected to announce launch of new AI features to Windows 11, including an “AI Explorer” for timeline management and improved accessibility features like live captions, are also anticipated. This event is exclusive to media personnel and won’t be live-streamed for the general public. Notably, this special event takes place a day before Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2024.

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