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Nvidia launches Crypto-dedicated chip amid Bitcoin Boom – Top Tech News

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology…check it out


Nvidia launches Crypto-dedicated chip amid Bitcoin Boom

With cryptocurrency soaring to new highs, Nvidia apparently found it too irresistible to witness this historic highs merely as a bystander. The company, therefore, on Thursday announced a new chip that is especially designed for mining Ethereum, the world’s second most popular crypto after Bitcoin. The new chip will be called CRM or Cryptocurrency Mining Processor and arrive in the market next month itself (March). On Thursday, Ethereum’s price climbed nearly 400% to reach at nearly $1,918.


NASA’s most daring Mars experiment (Perseverance rover) successfully lands on Red Plant

NASA’s most daring and courageous Mars experiment till date Perseverance Rover has made a successful landing on the red planet. The project, which is partly funded by U.K, will look for former alien life on the red planet. While in the past NASA has conducted many Mars experiment, this latest experiment has been widely hailed as the most complicated  and also more ambitious till date.


WhatsApp has a new Plan to explain its Controversial Privacy Policy

WhatsApp will be making another attempt to explain its contentious privacy policy after it was forced to postpone its privacy updates last month following public outrage. This time the instant messaging giant will be putting out-in-app banner that will try to drill through its message unambiguously in an attempt to calm people’s nerves on Privacy matters. WhatsApp continues to maintain that the personal messages will remain encrypted as ever but Facebook will have only have limited access to messages on WhatsApp business app.


Google has found a replacement for top AI researcher Timnit Gebru , who was Fired last year

Top Artificial Intelligence researcher Timnit Gebru’s sudden and abrupt exit in December had rattled Google. But Google is attempting to close the bitter chapter by appointing a new person to replace Timniit Gebru. This person is Marain Croak, a black woman who is an existing employee in Google and has till date supervised many high-profile projects for Google.

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