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Nvidia claims its new AI solution will have path-breaking impact on Video Calls – Top Trending News

Here are today’s top trending news from the world of technology


Nvidia claims its new AI solution will have path-breaking impact on Video Calls

Nvidia has just rolled out a new videoconferencing platform exclusively for developers. Named as Nvidia Maxine and powered by artificial intelligence, the tech giant claims that this new platform will fix some of the perplexing problems. This includes face alignment, noise reduction, face-relighting so and so forth. This year saw the unprecedented boom of Videoconferencing market due to the pandemic lockdown and Nvidia apparently wants tap into growing market. To know more click here.


John McAfee gets arrested in Spain for Cryptocurrency Scam

Popular cybersecurity entrepreneur and Crypto personality John McAfee is known for living a wild life; something that he openly displays and exhibits on his official twitter account. However, it seems that McAfee’s wild life is now facing problem after the popular entrepreneur was arrested in Spain. He is now facing extradition from the US government. To know more click here.


Apple stops selling Rival’s Earphones and Headphones and here’s why


Apple’s online store has stopped selling earphones and headphones of Bose, Logitech and Sonos. This is because Apple is all set to launch its own audio products pretty soon. The tech giant has also asked employees at its official retail store to offload the earphones of its top rivals.  The company is expected to unroll slew of audio products in the coming months. To know more please click here.


Spotify finally offers a feature that Apple Music has been offering since 2018

Image Source: Flickr

In a catch-up act, Spotify has rolled out an update for IOS and Android that will allow its users to search for songs by its lyrics. As for what really constitutes this new update as a catch-up act? Well, Spotify’s top rival Apple Music has been offering this feature as back as 2018. It is certainly the case of better late than never for Spotify. To know more click here.


This is how Instagram decided to mark its 10th Anniversary

World’s most popular video sharing platform Instagram is now one decade old. To mark its 10th anniversary Instagram has introduced a new feature that will encourage its users to be nice with each other. Simply put, Instagram has launched an anti-bullying feature; a feature that will serve notice to users when they are posting nasty comments. To know more click here.

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