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Nullbox: An Email Service That Protects Your Digital Safety

Data breach, compromised credentials, and application vulnerabilities are the most common affairs in the digital environment. But how often have you come across the situation of leaked emails and damage caused by that? I know it might appear something strange to you but growing online communication via email has given the opportunity to hackers and spear phishers to get into your inbox and wreak havoc. Changing the password in such cases could be easy but what if you would be needed to change the email address? That could be daunting. Recent cybersecurity statistics reveal an immense rise in breached data from different sources that adds worriment to email security as well.

So how can one actually secure their email? How could you get away from the need of abandoning your precious email and come to terms with getting a new one just because it has been phished?

You might already be using some widely popular email services and must be pondering over the thought of what is wrong with those email services? A regular email is bundled with many features but is compromised with an approach to provide data privacy and aiding more security to email communication. Some of these free email services keep a private eye on your data.

This is why you need an encrypted end-to-end email service that not only safeguards your email from outside attackers but also authenticate your communication and make it more secure than ever. NullBox is an email privacy service that caters to the privacy needs of your inbox with a disposable email address.

Features of NullBox

Proactive privacy monitoring – Stolen passwords, unreliable data security, and privacy concern have always been a harsh reality to everyday life. NullBox keeps your message secure and extensively monitors the data breach. It sends you an alert in case if your email addresses are compromised (which is hardly ever possible).

Let you use your own domain – Many email service providers facilitate you with some astonishing traits but most of them fall back when it comes to allowing users to configure their existing domain with their addresses. NullBox understands the gravity of the situation and lets users make use of their own domain and gear it up with DNS settings.

Forward address feature – NullBox lets users create a disposable email address which is referred to as Box and all the email sent to the Box is forwarded to users’ actual email address that is known as Forward Address. This forward address feature follows a security-first approach.

Compatible – NullBox is compatible with all the platforms. It does not matter if you are operating your email from a smartphone with an android operating system or Apple Macbook with Safari browser, it works equally well with both the devices and platforms.

Enabled PGP encryption – NullBox supports the Pretty Good Privacy system abbreviated as PGP in two different ways that are for sending encrypted emails and receiving sensitive encrypted files. The users are also allowed to manage their own PGP key pairs directly.


NullBox is a highly recommended secure email service provider that focuses on providing the best security and experience to its users. This email service bestows end-users with a variety of features and solutions within the platform. Its pricing plan is also industry-best and affordable as compared to other secure email providers. One can attain the basic plan of NullBox in just $25/ year and can save up to $11 while those who are looking for an upgraded version can do so too. Those who opt for NullBox Plus plan will be getting unlimited personal domains and email sending by spending an additional $20 only.


Privacy is the foremost concern for the majority of users. There are not many email privacy service providers that come with the guarantee of providing end-to-end security without compromising privacy. However, NullBox follows a security-first approach, guarantees users defending their digital security, and keeps you protected from malicious and phishing attempts.

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