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Notebook launches English courses for WB Board

Notebook, a digital content portal that allows children and parents to learn topics from their respective school syllabi through engaging videos and notes, announced the launch of its courses for West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WB State Board) today.

While other edtech brands have focused on Maths and Science primarily, Notebook’s endeavour is the first of its kind in India, which brings an innovative and lucid bilingual approach in teaching English for West Bengal Board.


West Bengal, considered the gateway to east and south east Asia, is India’s fourth most populous state, and the Board holds the examinations and prepares the results of more than 10,50,000 students.

For ages now, the state has been contributing substantially to the countries intelligentsia, in the spheres of literature, arts, culture, academics, governance and Corporate. However, there is far greater potential to be realised, and better language skills can definitely be a game changer for the upcoming generation in terms of giving them a competitive edge. It can facilitate many more success stories which will not only fulfil individual dreams but also lead to sustainable development of the communities they hail from.

Enhancement of language skills will lead to the creation of a far more globally-employable and self-assured workforce that will be able to make their presence felt in every corner of the world. Having been the birthplace of many eminent stalwarts who had enriched the world with their great intellectual prowess and visionary thinking it is but natural that the next generation in the state would need to be articulate and confident enough to carry the legacy forward and leave an everlasting impact on the national and international stage.

Notebook endeavours to inspire the students of West Bengal Board to a greater inclination towards engaging education. Learning English is our first offering in this regard. The team at Notebook has always believed that every student has the ability and aptitude to learn any subject – the only ingredient missing has been an immersive connect with the soul which will ensure that learning becomes an interesting and enjoyable experience. Notebook now offers easy-to-understand bilingual videos for W.B. Board students to improve their English skills and develop a natural inclination towards the language.

Every topic in the state board syllabus has been treated with a Bengali synopsis, followed by a detailed bilingual lesson video in Bengali and English. This is followed by a short Recap video and Question and Answer videos. Every lesson also gets exhaustive written notes and comprehensive Solved Question banks.

Objective is to ensure that the W.B. Board students get round the clock best-in-class support in terms of engaging videos that simulates a personal mentorship experience, from the comfort of their homes without wasting any time or resources on traveling.

Speaking on this launch Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder And CEO Of Notebook said, “The time has come, when we need to ensure that highest quality of education is homogeneously available in every part of this great country that we live in. The days of limiting quality education to urban centres only, are truly over. We need to ensure that the entire next generation of Indians grow up as confident global citizens who not only possess the requisite domain knowledge for gainful employment but also best in class communication skills. This is an absolute necessity in ensuring that they take bold steps to leave behind indelible footprints in any corner of the world.

Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Notebook.

Given the rich tradition of Bengali literature that had flourished in the state and the immense pride that each one of us take in our cultural heritage, I believe our bilingual approach to the language, detailed study of literary topics, and augmented storytelling methodology would enable students to develop a liking for the subject. I am a proud Indian who hails from Bengal, and I can claim without a shadow of a doubt that in terms of intellect, students in this great state are second to none – even in a global comparison. Once we all join hands to equip them with more confident articulation, sky will be the limit in the years to come.

The team at Notebook looks forward to the students enjoying the whole engaging and immersive experience — with creative visualization and soothing yet impactful audio. We seek to deliver best quality academic content to help realise the aspiration of Millions”

Notebook has launched the English course for classes 8 to 10 and would be offering course for classes 11 and 12 within a few weeks. Currently, content is offered on the portal

About Notebook:

Notebook is one of the fastest growing edtech brands in India and is a mobile-first digital learning environment. The product offers courses tailored for various school boards and classes for a multitude of subjects. Since its launch of CBSE courses in April 2019, the portal has seen meteoric growth, with more than 6,00,000 views on the website and above 75,000 downloads of the Notebook Android application. Every day, the portal sees about 10,000 active users – a majority of who come from outside the 4 metros. With instructor-led videos developed using their homegrown ‘Augmented Storytelling’ methodology, the portal has adopted design practices that also cater to dyslexic and visually challenged students.

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